Flipper the Robot Cat (video)

Her name is Flipper, and now, thanks to some caring animal lovers and high school robotics enthusiasts, she can (almost) be faster than lightening.

The feisty little cat was born with a twisted spinal cord that made walking and sitting upright nearly impossible. And while she scooted around pretty effectively, when the folks at the Aspen Park Vet Hospital in Colorado received her at three weeks old, they knew that cats who can’t use their back legs usually get put to sleep.

“We just felt so bad for Flipper, who had to drag her legs behind her as she made her way around the clinic,” said Dr. Harry Gurney.

In an awesome and unexpected move, Dr. Gurney teamed up with the Blitz Robotic Club at Conifer High School and gave them a challenge: Build a device to help little Flip get around.

Through 3-D imaging and many prototypes, the Robotic Club finally hit on the right “cat-traption.” Sure, there’s some duct tape and Popsicle sticks, but it’s given Flipper a new lease on life. Watch as she tears through the Clinic!

They’re hoping that the apparatus will build Flipper’s leg strength so she can one day get around without it. Once she’s healed, she will be ready for adoption.

And while Flipper might not be ready for a forever home, there are thousands of other special-needs cats just like her who are. Visit them here.

By Ashley Piper, From Ecorazzi

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Past Member
dee j4 years ago

what a wonderful experience for those high school kids to able to be apart of inventing and then creating something for a special needs animal. that kind of experience for a child doesn't come along very often. Great thinking Dr. Harry Gurney, and good luck Flipper, we're all rooting for you

Billie Wills
Billie Wills4 years ago

Good for these high school students!

Lin M
Lin M4 years ago

Such a beautiful cat. Glad the kids could help.

Melania Padilla
Melania P4 years ago


Dale O.

Fabulous, Flipper is marvellous and endearing!

Ann D.
Ann D.4 years ago

I love the get-up-and go of this cat. She has taught me a lesson of making the best of what you've got. I'm going to get up from this chair and teach my legs to get me around just as Flipper did.

BTW, I want one of those signs at the Vet's that say, "My dog is smarter than your politician," or "My cat is smarter than your politician." Boy, are those right!

Zoe Stone
Zoe S4 years ago

great story! she's robo cat! :-)