Flower Power

Flowers are on my mind these days.

On a recent visit to Canada, it struck me as wonderful how that great nation decorates its homes, porches, yards and sidewalks with flowers. Memories of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, the lovely town of Jasper, the beaches of Vancouver…each one is peppered with the little gems that smiled at me everywhere I went. Ah, the healing joy of watching the profusion of beauties bursting from baskets in flower shops…

Here in New Delhi, I have a sunny bay window that I have decorated with colourful flowers in bright containers. So much beauty and happiness for so little!

Botanists estimate there are more than 240,000 types of flowering plants in the world. And extensive clinical studies have established the vital role all sorts of flowers can play in healing. Lavender is a popular stress-buster. Echinacea increases immunity.  Camomile calms. In Ayurveda, the rose is considered the queen of flowers, with its exquisite fragrance and terrific cooling properties.

Hindus love to offer the vibrant marigold and the pristine jasmine to their deities.

Self-help books tell you to gaze at a bunch of flowers early in the morning, so that your day begins on a cheerful note.

Gift a friend or a neighbour a bunch of flowers, and you can make their day!

But it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said it best: “Earth laughs in flowers.”

Let’s open our hearts to that innocent laughter. Do stop to smell the roses today…



Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Just signed a Petition last night about the Importance of Taking the Time to Smell the Roses... Thanks for sharing!

Heidi H.
Past Member 4 years ago

I love flowers. They are beautiful to see, smell and many are tasty.

Tim C.
Tim C4 years ago


Val M.
Val M4 years ago

Thank you :-)

Abbe A.
Azaima A5 years ago

so considerate

Angela N.
Angela N5 years ago

thanks a bunch.

Magyar Girl
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Melissah Chadwick
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Monique R.
Monique R5 years ago

It's good to see more people appreciating the gifts of nature.

Laura Hidalgo-Downing
Laura Hidalgo5 years ago