4 Agua Fresca Recipes for Memorial Day

Marking the unofficial start to the summer vacation season, Memorial Dayoften heralds the beginning of warm weather and days spent in the sun. To kick off your celebration of summer on Monday, why not try one of our fouragua fresca recipes?

Agua fresca is a popular beverage at Mexican restaurants, street vendors and bodegas. The refreshing drink is a simple blend of water and fruit, herbs or spices. You can also add a sweetener like honey or stevia if you prefer your agua fresca a little sweeter. Agua frescas come in many varieties including watermelon, lemon and horchata, also known as rice water. We tested four versions of the refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage and found them all to be delicious!

Our favorite was the pineapple agua fresca made using crushed pineapple and stevia. Not only did it have great fruit flavor, but also is healthy sincepineapple is full of vitamin C, manganese and fiber.

The cucumber mint agua fresca is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. Refreshing cucumber combined with cooling mint created a drink that is perfect for bringing to summer parties and picnics.

Going a more traditional route, mango agua fresca is another great versionof the drink. Since mangos are fairly sweet on their own, it may not be necessary to add additional sweetener to this recipe, but that’s a matter of taste.

Strawberries are one of the staple fruits of summer. Instead of making traditional shortcake or ice cream, try strawberry lime agua fresca. The sweetness of the strawberries is a nice contrast to the tartness of the lime, creating a flavorful beverage.

One of the best features of agua fresca is that it can be customized inmany ways. You can keep it simple with just pineapple or mango, or you canmix it up a bit with something less familiar like cucumber mint. If theseflavors don’t appeal to you, you can always create your own using your favorite fruit. The agua fresca possibilities are endless.


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Good point, Mary L. I like all kinds of foods, that's true. It's ALL "American", because we are all Americans. At the same time, I see a great emphasis for some time now on Mexican and other Hispanic foods,customs,perspectives,arts,music,etc. in every magazine, newspaper, events listing,etc., yet next to nil about any of the other ethnic cultures. Forget about the "Red, White and Blue". I think there's something very wrong when May, for example, becomes more about Cinco de Mayo than about Memorial Day.

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