Fracking Ban in Vermont?

The Vermont Senate passed a ban on hydrofracking recently, but the House still needs to vote on it. If they also pass it, Vermont will be the first state in American to ban fracking.

“It brings Vermont one step closer to becoming the first state in the nation to ban the dirty and dangerous practice of fracking. This is exactly the kind of leadership that is needed on this issue,” said the Vermont Public Interest Research Group. The bill also prohibits collecting, storing and treatment of fracking wastewater.

Some have said passing a fracking ban in Vermont is not that big of an issue, because there aren’t many natural gas reserves there. Others have pointed out lobbying by the oil industry against the ban has been significant and a loss in Vermont by Big Oil might help fracking bans in other states.

Governor Shumlin said, “I do not think that Vermont should be a state where fracking happens, and whether it’s a moratorium or a ban, I’ll support the strongest legislation we can get.” (Source:

Fracking is suspected in many cases of water pollution, and it uses enormous amounts of water. A small earthquake in Ohio might have been caused by the pumping of vast quantities of water related to fracking.

Vermont historically has been progressive on environmental concerns. One of their key environmental
laws was the banning of billboards to preserve the visual beauty of the natural landscapes.

The documentary Gasland made by John Fox was one of the first mass media productions to call attention to the potential health impacts of fracking.

Image Credit: chensiyuan, Wiki Commons


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Harshiita Sharma
Harshita S5 years ago


Alan S.
Alan S.5 years ago

Most of you people don't have a fracking clue about what you are talking about. I have been around oil/gas well fracking for 50 years from coast to coast. I've never heard of anyone getting hurt or killed thru oil/gas well fracking. Show me all the dead bodies. The lame-brained politicians who wish to ban fracking under a state that doesn't have any hydrocarbon under their state doesn't have a clue either. If they really had any cajones, they would simply ban all diesel or gasoline entering their state! Love, the GASMAN

Adrianne P.
A P5 years ago

Yea, Vermont!

Kathy Whaler
Kathryn Whaler5 years ago

Way to go Vermont!

Julie D.
Julie D5 years ago

Every other state needs to follow the suit and ban fracking as well!

John B.
John B5 years ago

Way to go Vermont. Hope it is the begining of the end to fracking. Vermont's progressive US Senator, Bernie Sanders, is my hero.

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

If only this were the beginning. The problem is they tout jobs and immediate pay checks trump long term destruction of health and environment.

Linda Stark
Linda Stark5 years ago

Melissa F, you should should know - this affects us all. Google it and watch Gasland - it's scary stuff.

Carolyn SmithSmith
Cally Smith5 years ago

I am in the UK and now they are going to start it here too.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

1 down 49 to go.