Fran Drescher & Rachelle Carson Begley on Being Healthy & Green

Sometimes I really love my job . . . Every week I get to speak to fascinating and passionate people who are doing something to help the rest of us learn and grow more conscious, sustainable and healthy. This week, we had not ONE, but TWO feature interviews with women (dare I call them Green Divas, because they are to me), who are both gorgeous, talented and dedicated to raising awareness about how we can get healthier, greener and ultimately get out there and make a difference in our own way.

Fran Drescher, Cancer SchmancerFran Drescher

An exciting week for Fran Drescher, who celebrated 13 years of being well (and cancer free) and 6 years with the organization she founded, Cancer Schmancer. Congratulations Fran! We’re so glad you are well and doing such important work!

Fran talked about her Trash Cancer campaign and about how everyone can get involved. Fran is so knowledgeable about how the environment impacts our health and ways to detoxify our lives to help increase our chances for greater health and wellness, and reduce our risk of cancer and other illnesses.

From her fun TV series, Happily Divorced to her amazing work with Cancer Schmancer, we are thrilled that she took some time out to give us a call. Please listen to this fun and informative interview. (PRODUCER’S NOTE: the volume on Fran is low in the beginning and we did the best we could to remedy, but it definitely gets better, so please listen carefully and ENJOY!)

Rachelle Carson Begley

Rachelle Carson Begley We have spoken to Rachelle’s husband Ed Begley, Jr. a few times, and while we love Ed, we always seem to talk about his gorgeous wife, Rachelle! Ed always says, “well, you should really talk to Rachelle . . . ” So, we are thrilled that we got the chance to speak to her! She’s been a Green Diva for as long as we have, and we have loved watching her and Ed on Living with Ed, and soon again in On Begley Street! They really are America’s green power couple. We had a fan write in and ask about whether their daughter Hayden would be part of the new show, and the answer was yes, and we got to learn more about their beautiful and talented daughter (would we have expected anything less from the offspring of Ed and Rachalle?). I highly recommend taking a look at the trailer for On Begley Street. Please listen to this great interview and get all the latest news about On Begley Street and the Begleys!
We did squeeze in a great green summer reading list in too! Listen to the full show or go to Green Diva Gina’s Inspired Summer Reading Book Review post.


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