From Fear to Fearlessness

In modern life we are taught to respect fear as an essential contributor to our survival, a biological signal that alerts mind and body to approaching danger. But the ancient sages of India taught that fear was born of duality; when human beings realized that they were no longer part of God, they immediately became afraid of what might happen to them.

In the 20th century, after two devastating world wars and the advent of the atomic bomb, this haunting insecurity was promoted into an inescapable fact of life, which came to be known as existential anxiety. You and I are children of an era when simply to be alive seemed to be taking the ultimate risk. As a result, we fall prey to anxiety about who we are and where we belong.

On the spiritual path you can completely recover from such anxiety. By rejecting fear a little at a time, you come to realize that life isn’t constantly at risk. You are safe, you are seen, and you are cared for.

Moving from fear to fearlessness requires a shift in orientation because we live in a climate of fear, where it’s all too easy to succumb to a constant barrage of potential threats. To counter this, you must look to your own inner guidance. Realize that what makes you safe is a higher intelligence that resides within you. Potential dangers are illusions. Only what lies at hand is real.

Adapted from Why Is God Laughing? The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimismby Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


Alice Almeida
Alice Almeida4 years ago

Thank you!

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Victoria Heby5 years ago

Thank you - good to read!

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog5 years ago

Thank you for sharing - the ancient sages of India seemed to get most things right :)

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Deborah ro5 years ago

It is good to be reminded !

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Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters5 years ago

Thanks Deepak, I have followed your posts with great interest. This one was exceptionally interesting to me.

Aditya n.
Aditya n5 years ago

4- physical fitness ( not only brain .. body is also wise sends all important signals ..wether it is ready or not to get out of harm's way on its own bad physical fitness raises insecurities in brain .. and gives way to fear .

5- use everything modern technology offers to solve your problems .. as per your need

6- train your mind to work methodically and stay calm even in chaotic situations...a calm mind can think more faster and better ..and when your mind is busy solving things ..there will be no
time for fear .

Aditya n.
Aditya n5 years ago

there are some points ..i would like to say
1- spirituality at time of ancient sages of india was different .. that time .. there was not much population ,human civilization was not advanced .. and all troubles including threat to life was solved through path of spirituality and god

now times have changed is full of mentally retarded psycho and people with anger issues or fanatical religious .. or discipline needing idiots ..or greedy bad people ..or people seduced by power .

i not see any spiritual solution for reducing fear .

as i see the world and any immediate surrounding ..fear can be eliminated by combining these following things .
1-information - staying informed of everything happening around you .from your neighborhood to global scale

2- alertness of mind ( you cannot allow your mind to get lazy matter what the situation or what kind of physical exhaustion you are going through .)

3- do your homework - fear feeds on what is unknown ..or what we not understand .. or what we cannot comprehend ..( for example most basic - in dark . we cannot see so fear comes up ..unstable economy . we cannot predict future job security or inflation so fear comes do your homework .. find everything that is hidden ...knowledge will set you free from fear.

4- physical fitness ( not only brain .. body is also wise sends all important signals ..wether it is ready or not to get out of harm's way on its own bad physical fitness raises insecu