Fun DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

With spring officially here, it’s time to start crafting fun bird feeders to attract helpful birds to your yard. Some birds help to pollinate flowering and fruit-bearing plants, and some birds eat annoying pests. Birds are so important to a backyard ecosystem! Fortunately, building a bird feeder doesn’t take a lot of money or much skill. Of course, you could go big by buying a fancy bird house from a custom carpenter. However, if you simply want to attract birds to your backyard, a DIY bird feeder made from recycled materials will work just fine.

Plate and Spindle Bird Feeder: Danielle from 2 Little Superheroes, a DIY builder in Raleigh, made a dynamite little plate and spindle bird feeder out of wooden spindles and vintage plates. All you need is a hand saw, a spindle, a vintage plate, and some wood glue, to make your own lovely and effective bird feeder. In just a few minutes, you can treat your neighborhood birds to a birdie buffet.

Chicken Waterer Bird Feeder: How cool! Sheri S. posted her funky, fashionable bird feeder on Hometalk. Sherri purchased an old-fashioned chicken waterer at an estate sale, painted it a hip shade of chartreuse, and hung it up as a bird feeder. It’s a clever, easy DIY project that you could do in an hour or two, plus drying time. If you’ve got an outdoor room, a bird feeder like this one in a coordinating color could add one more element to tie the room together.

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder: Linda from Crafts a la Mode posted her lovely, and super-inexpensive, DIY bird feeder on Hometalk. Simply drill holes through a soda bottle, then stick a dowel rod through the holes. Drill a small hole above the dowel for the birds to pick seeds from. Hang it from a branch with string. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, and it won’t collect water. A problem with many bird feeders is that they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This one does not offer a place for mosquitoes to breed.

Dust Pan Bird Feeder: Who knew that a vintage dust pan could become a bird feeder? Brian from the inventive blog knew! With a bit of rudimentary metal work, he turned a copper dust pan into a dish-du-jour for local birds. It goes to show that with enough creativity, almost anything can be upcycled.

Have you made a super cool bird feeder? Tell us about it!

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx


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