Fur Coats Banned at Several Bars

The owner of several Manhattan bars has banned customers from wearing fur coats in his establishments. He welcomes all visitors, but tells them the fur can’t come in. Door men examine pelts both fake and real before customers are allowed in. If someone is trying enter wearing a real animal fur they are told they can only enter if they remove it. One woman wearing a real fur was refused entry and she called the police, but that backfired as they were upset and almost arrested her for wasting their time.

On the popular Yelp! reviews site, one of the bars – Revision – has a solid four out of five stars, which means it is a well-liked place,and some customers referenced the use of recycled materials within the bar, though no one mentioned the fur-free policy.

The Back Room has 290 reviews and some people also like the 25 years old or over policy on weekends. Only one reviewer mentioned the no-fur policy and seemed to believe leather is also banned, but that is not true.

The owner of the bars instituted the fur ban because he wants to support animals – also he became a vegetarian eight years ago. In addition to banning fur, he said he will not serve foie gras or veal because they also are the products of animal cruelty.

Decades ago, banning fur within bars, or within a whole city might have been nearly unthinkable, but today there is much greater awareness of animal cruelty, so perhaps the fur banning trend can expand. For example,  the city of West Hollywood recently enacted a ban on animal fur products. This town has a population of about 34,000.

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nicola macdonald
n macdonald5 years ago

We are not cave men/women.We do not need fur coats!!the animals die for no reason..not even vanity//!have youseen how stupid these people look in them!

Dale Overall

One commented that: "Only the self serving shallow or rich with no conscience would even consider wearing them."

Intriguing. Tell that to the Inuit populace of Northern Canada (or Eskimos as Americans often call them) as they walk home in a -60 winter day.

Living in southern Canada I can get away with fabric coats but I don't know about people living in the arctic, it gets a tad bit chilly up there.

s. r
p. q6 years ago

wow, nice!

Valentina R.
Valentina R6 years ago

Kye J: "Valentina R
You are not an animal advocate.You obviously only care about youreslf
This is a great idea as it will make the arsehole bastards who wear fur think twice aa bout purchasing it and wearing it.It is all about supply and demand and wahat is sociually accepatable.My suggestion is that bastards who wear fur be skinned alive and their skin sold as a coat.I most definately would be a prospective purchaser.An eye for an eye!!!!!!"

Yes, I am a bar owner in Manhattan who only cares about losing clients. Even though I am an Italian girl who volounteers at the shelter every week.
Yes, I am obviously a selfish monster who hates animals. Reason why I fight against animal abuse since I was 5 years old.
Yes, I wear a fur coat every winter. Which is why I want to strangle every so-called lady who wears fur when I meet one.

You sound, and most likely are, a very immature person, and have no idea on how the real world goes, nor you barely know anything about me. Also, if you really have to insult someone you don't know, at least do it in a proper grammar.
My dog, the stupid assumptions people make never cease to amaze me.

Joy Mcronald
Joy M6 years ago

Yippy, yippy!!!

Winn Adams
Winn Adams6 years ago


Lynne B.
Lynne B6 years ago

Good oh, ban it everywhere except on the living animal it belongs to.

Roger M.
Past Member 6 years ago

I'm all for it. Let's extend the idea.

Lenee K.
Lenee K6 years ago

BRAVO!!! I applaud this cause!

Penny Bacon
.6 years ago

What a great way to stop wearing fur, send this man a green star!!