Geopathic Stress

When the natural electromagnetic field in the ground is disturbed, energy can become distorted. This is known as geopathic stress. This stress can be caused by natural phenomena such as underground faults and streams, but it can also be manmade. High-voltage power lines and electric cables, electrical appliances and synthetic materials can all cause geopathic stress.

In the home, geopathic stress can affect your health, especially if you are sleeping over an underground stream or watercourse. Places disturbed by negative energies can be very disruptive to sleep. If you sleep near high-voltage power lines or even over domestic supply cables, you will find that your sleep may be restless. If you find that your sleepless nights have no apparent reason, you may do well to check for underground disturbances.

There are three ways of checking the magnetic field in a room in your home. These three are using a dowsing rod, a pendulum, and a compass. Due to space constraints this article will just offer how to use a compass.

Using a compass
Use a good compass. Turn it until the needle lies directly north and move it slowly over the area to be dowsed. As the compass approaches an area of disturbance, the needle will swing away from the north position. As it is difficult to hold a compass steady, it is best used over a small area like a bed, chair or sofa. Pass the compass over the area a number of times from different directions to ensure accuracy when pinpointing a disturbance.

Finding geopathic stress
To dowse for energy disturbances in the home, draw a plan of each room. This does not have to be exact, but it is best to pace out the rooms, so that you can pinpoint the spot where any disturbance may occur. If your room is six paces by five, draw a rectangle on squared paper, using one square per pace.

You will need to make a number of passes across the room or area in two directions which are at right angles to one another so that you are forming a grid. Then walk diagonally across the space.

Select a wall and start at the lef-hand corner. Walk along the edge of the room slowly and steadily holding the compass. Count your paces as you move. If the compass moves from the north position, mark the spot on your plan. Depending on the size of the room, move two paces to the right and walk across the room again, marking any points where the compass moves off true north. Once you have walked across the room in several straight lines, move to an adjacent wall and start again. You will be forming a grid. When you have completed this grid you can walk diagonally from corner to corner in the same way.

Double check any points where you mayhave found disturbance. If they are small, mark them in blue on your plan, but if they are major disturbances mark them in red.

It may be that the metal frame in the furniture itself is the cause of the disturbance so check the bed, chair or sofa again, passing the compass carefully over it.

Note: For ways to fix geopathic stress, see below under Related Links and Articles

Adapted from The Healing Home,by Suzy Chiazzari. Copyright (c) 2000 by Suzy Chiazzari. Reprinted by permission of Tralfalgar Square Publishing.
Adapted from The Healing Home,by Suzy Chiazzari.


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Another good example of why the general public doesn't understand the definition of the term, energy. Or, to put it another way, if dowsing works, how much better would you do if you interpreted animal entrails or maybe just throw them bones?

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