Get Busy Building Birdhouses! (3 DIY Videos)

Oh, how we love our feathered friends. Protecting birds from environmental hazards and predators are good reasons to provide them with a safe haven birdhouse. Another reason is the immense enjoyment we acquire from bird watching.

Where I live, the birds are migrating back from their winter homes. I love the familiar sounds of the songbirds as they announce their arrival. Despite the apparent abundance of these migratory songbirds, they have become the focus of a conservation effort due to climate changes in their habitats. The organization, Partners In Flight is a cooperative effort of government agencies, philanthropic foundations, conservation groups and private individuals help species at risk by ensuring the future of healthy ecosystems.

Individuals can use birdhouses and feeders to help keep birds healthy. Birdhouses are both functional and artistic real estate that you can really sink your DIY chops into. The videos below show three eco-friendly projects to make. Keep in mind when creating a birdhouse that it is important to consider the specific species of bird you will be feeding/sheltering.

3 DIY Green Birdhouse Projects

Build an Eco-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Birdhouse

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Thanks for sharing this. Have to get to work on a couple real soon, before nesting starts. I have found when you buy prebuilt houses, they don't have a swing door for cleaning.

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