GMOs Make Cows & Pigs Sick. What About Humans?

By now you’ve probably heard the words Genetically Modified Organism or GMO. You’ve probably gotten a good sense of what that means by now, too. You’ve also probably been told that only extremists are getting all worked up over the health risks of plants and foods that contain GMOs. After all, the government says these foods are safe. What if you heard some stories from a new source? Not a concerned mother of young kids, but from a farmer who is witnessing the health of his animals change in regards to their exposure to GMOs? That might cause more ears to open and more to really start to understand just how dangerous this science truly is.

A new documentary is hitting the scene titled, “Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of Our Lives.” One of the starkest issues the film covers is first-hand accounts of animal farmers. They have nothing to gain by telling their stories, in fact in some cases, sharing their stories may cost them, as one farmer asked his face not be shown.

During the film, the crew interviews several farmers, including many cattle farmers and even pig farmers. This group described how their animals were getting sick. Many mother cows were having miscarriages, calves were not growing properly and one farmer simply stated that his cows were agitated. All of this behavior became a pattern after the farmers switched to GMO feed.

Many things were tried, but the one common thread among the farmers on the film was that they all ditched GMO feed for a non-GMO blend. The improvements were significant and they were noticed in a short period of time. The cows and pigs continued to improve more and more as time went on.

According to the farmers in the film, they blame Round-Up, the pesticide that is in GMO corn and other crops. They say it’s responsible for birth defects and that the chemical steals nutrients.

If farmers are saying GMOs are too dangerous for their animals, why are we still feeding them to our kids? This film hits many angles, but this one struck a chord. Farmers presumably have to pay more for non-GMO feed, they lose out on all the incentives big bio-tech companies try to offer farmers if they use their products. So why speak up for non-GMO food? Because they’re seeing how it’s killing their animals. If it’s going to kill an animal, it’s not really reassuring that it’s going to be “completely safe” for humans.


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By Lacy Hansen for Diets In Review


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