Gratitude Attracts

Here is the remarkable truth about focusing your life on gratitude, you attract people who live the same way.†Yesterday, my meetings felt more like the reuniting of my tribe than they did business meetings. The business was the context, but the gratitude consciousness was the true exchange.†There was no convincing, or selling any ideas,††just a true and resonant sharing that what is most real and precious about life begins inside of us.

This is a seemingly simple shift, this pulling our attention inward to find what we are looking for- but remarkably challenging in a culture inundated and drowning in how it looks out there.†Even our religions largely have us focused out there for a connection to the divine that must start inside.†It becomes more simple once you start practicing, because you begin to feel both the spaciousness you hold inside and a visceral energy that moves in you.

It isnít magic, although I know the suggestion sounds like it.††If there is any magic at all, it is the wonder of harnessing and directing your capacity of attention.†The biggest problem of looking out there is how diffuse and distracted your energy is.

Visiting a large urban landscape as I am right now, it is entirely overwhelming trying to attend to the literal millions of interactions happening all around you.††It is no wonder that so many humans who live in the density of urban homes have little recognition of the stillness within them.

Yet this is not a place-based access, and it can happen everywhere on the planet.††It only requires an intention to stop looking outside for what can only be discovered inside. This is the truth that all of the secret powerful societies that have grown up around the globe have transmitted and passed down through generations.††The tribes that flourish share a single path into oneís own heart. This single intention changes everything and I am beginning to become acquainted with the tribe.

Another key to finding this space is giving up the focus on the how. Clear intention does not lead with how to get things done. The how of it will present itself, usually in ways that you couldnít anticipate anyway. This is the essence of the letting go that is at the heart of receiving. It is a magnet of goodness that will bring you deeper into why you are here.

Please share a story about how your gratitude has attracted the wonders of the life you lead.


Kirsten B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Gratitude is indeed a challenge. Sometimes I find my way to gratitude by focusing on how good and right the present moment feels, then the gratitude for it flows in.

@ Rachel:
Starting with the 'mundane' thank you notes for small or large things is one formalized way of showing gratitude. Letting your heart flow with it is much deeper. Both can help one along the path of living it.

It is, however, very easy to fall off the path - and still happens many times each and every day. But each baby step and moment of recognition is better than none at all.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

thanks for the article.

CAROL H7 years ago

thanks great article

CAROL H7 years ago

Thanks great article

Anatoliy Vladimirovich

Благодарность работает там,где она уместна,а когда работает происходят настоящие чудеса.
Thanks works where she appropriate,but when works occur the persisting miracle.

Geetha Subramaniam

Very true. Thanks for sharing.

Mayra L.
Mayra G7 years ago

great article! :)

Rachel Beckford
Rachel Beckford7 years ago

Being grateful gets you nowhere - seems everyone is take, take, take - when was the last time you sent/received a thankyou note?

Sameer Tendulkar
Sameer Tendulkar7 years ago


Dana A.
Dana A7 years ago

Thanks for this article..gratitude attitude is contagious and life altering!