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If you knew anything about me, you’d know that two of my most favorite things are glass (I don’t care if it’s beach glass, hand blown Chihuly or antique medicine bottles) and antiques (but I’m not into the furniture, I like the little things that were part of everyday life in a bygone era). So when I came across Jose Agatep’s incredibly detailed, gorgeous terrariums, or “objects of wilderness” as he so fabulously calls them, made of both found glass bottles and antique things, it was love at first sight. Inhabitat introduced me to him in an article and I pursued my new love by gazing at his creations much past my bedtime last night.

slug and squirrel

I couldn’t possibly describe the wonder, beauty, romanticism and dreamscape that embodies these creations better than the designer who states on his blog, “We create one-of-a-kind wilderness terrariums inspired by far-away landscapes both discovered and imagined. Found heirloom vessels become art objects of wilderness, inside each grows something humble yet extraordinary… local plants and wild mosses, an organic architecture of earth and stone, a reconnection to nature, some enchanted discovery in the wilds of a daydream.”


With an artist’s eye for the small things and a vision to reconnect a busy, hurried and indoors society with the grandeur, grace and calm of the outdoors, Agatep creates entire worlds in which we can loose ourselves. Might we all be so blessed, whether we own one of his wilderness objects or not, to take a moment and notice the tiny new blade of grass, the budding flower, the ancient tree, and be still, to breath, and to remember that we are all connected.

- Jocelyn Broyles

Headline Image Jose Agatep, from Slug and Squirrel Blog.


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Nice, thanks!

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cool thanks!

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Whats cool is when you make an old coffee table like a shadow box into a terrarium of mini catus and sand and then add a glass top.

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I remember making things like this when a kid, seeing them makes me want to start again because they are fun.

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Thank you for posting.

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thanks but it looks more like a hoarder?