Green Chi: Prophecies and a Shifting Earth

It took me 14 hours to get to the Chicago Green Festival. I am nothing if not intrepid. I missed a flight connection in Philadelphia because of the weather and found myself mired in the challenges written about in Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. While trying to reschedule my flight via phone, I encountered language difficulties and a considerable disconnect between the reality in the Philadelphia airport and the flights that looked good to the person manning the phone and computer in India or the Philippines. I spent hours in different lines, only to be told I had been given the wrong information. Despite it all, I ended up on a plane that night, getting me into Chicago in the wee hours.

Surrounding me in the lines were stressed out people whose blood pressure was soaring as they missed connections and vacation time. I think I would have been right there with them if I didn’t have my nose buried in a new book, Serpent of Light, Beyond 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek (Weiser Books, 2007). It didn’t matter how many times I was sent from one line to the next and returned to lines I had already been in once before for over an hour, I had this book open and was poring over it.

Many have heard that the 7th century Mayan prophet Pacan Votan, also known as Time’s Special Witness, prophesied that the winter solstice of 2012 will be “The End of Time as We Know It.” He proclaimed that “if humanity wishes to save itself from biospheric destruction it must return to living in natural time.” Many indigenous cultures have spoken of the time we are in now as “the last days of the grand cycle of evolution,” including the Maya, Hopi, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois confederacy, Dogon Tribe and Aborigines.

Serpent of Light, Beyond 2012, pulls back the curtains to show us a world most of us don’t have a clue about, a world of great numbers of people, primarily indigenous, who have been steadfastly connecting to the Earth—to them a beautiful living being—in ceremony, activity and understanding of the Earth’s shift at this time. They are working with indefatigable dedication to help in the activation of sacred sites (thought of as the Earth’s chakras), while Earth’s kundalini, a powerful energy, moves across the planet, as they believe it does every 13,000 years. Integrated with this, they have been working to shift the consciousness of human beings from one of war and materialism to one of love and unity at this time of the end of the Mayan calendar, as they believe that is the Earth’s current mission.

I’d read enough about the 2012 prophesies to pay attention to the concept, but I was very wary of fear-mongering and predictions of mass extinction of human beings. Going into a time of fear seems counterproductive. Impressively, this book gave me the best explanation I have ever read about these historical times, describing the cyclical shifting of the Earth’s energy centers, and respectfully describing the great gatherings of indigenous people who are connecting to their hearts and the Earth to give their assistance. The book is very moving and powerful. I will never look at the world in the same way again. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

While flying home through rain storms from Chicago, all I wanted to do was change course and fly to the Andes Mountains, to be present at the new home of the Earth’s kundalini, where indigenous people say it has now safely arrived, a few years before 2012, from where it sat for 13,000 years in the high Himalayas. The understanding is that it is the kundalini’s center in the Earth that shapes the spiritual consciousness of the time. When the previous kundalini center was in the Himalayas, the vicinity gave birth to great spiritual leaders such as the Buddha and others in India and Tibet. Now, in its new home in the Andes, the indigenous people believe that we are at the dawn of a new spirituality on Earth.


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