Eco-Clean Stainless Appliances

Who is sorry to say goodbye to those avocado colored refrigerators in favor of shiny stainless steel ones that
instantly give your kitchen a gourmet makeover? A rare retro fanatic might be. But the old ones were sure easy to clean! Not so with stainless steel. Learn how to be contemporary and clean, too.

Like marble counter tops and no-wax floors, cleaning stainless steel appliances isn’t as simple as you’d think. An all-purpose cleaner doesn’t do the trick for any surface like it did in the “old” days. So, while I’m envious of my friends who have stainless steel appliances in their kitchens because there is such a gourmet look to the space, I also notice that those same friends compare notes about what appears to be the bane of stainless steel owners, streaks and fingerprints.

New stainless steel is protected for a number of years by a chromium film that protects the metal from rusting, staining, and even tarnishing. But if you don’t keep up with the stains as you go along, the film can be compromised and actual repair after that is difficult.

Here is a stainless steel cleaner that is as good for everyday cleanup and the more heavy duty cleaning that is sometimes needed:

˝ cup baking soda
?A few squirts of a green liquid soap or detergent.

Place the baking soda in a bowl and add enough liquid soap or detergent to make a texture like frosting. Scoop some of the mixture onto a sponge and scrub the stainless steel. Rinse well.

After cleaning with the above soft scrub, some people like to bring the stainless steel to a high polish by rubbing the surface with straight household vinegar. I’ve found that just rinsing the soft scrub well does the trick.
Stay away from all chlorine-based products on stainless steel.

A nice aspect of clean stainless steel is that the reflective surfaces pick up the look of the rest of the décor as in a mirror, always fitting in, neutral in a way.

Watch for a new trend of non-shiny metal appliances such as those made with brushed chrome, nickel and pewter, but beware of pewter because I’ve never figured out how to remove stains from it, and I’ve tried.

By Annie B. Bond


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G C.
G C3 years ago

Can this article be updated for 2016? I had stainless appliances delivered yesterday, and the workers, while nice guys, left the appliances filthy with fingerprints and smudges. The owner's manual states emphatically not to use any acid--no vinegar, no lemon juice! Not even paper towels because they are made from woods fiber (which is the same reason eye glasses should not be cleaned using them), and will scratch the surface.I was under the mistaken impression that all appliances now are made of a different smudgeless stainless than when they first became popular since at my church we got a new stainless fridge a few months back, and it doesn't gum-over with fingerprints, etc. Prior to that, I refused to get stainless appliances because of the constant need for cleaning. But my church's new fridge always looks great, and someone told me appliances are now made with this new, easy-clean version. Not true! Seeing what mine look like after delivery, and reading the 8 year old post here from Paul Scofield, I would NEVER get stainless again. And is it too much to ask that the delivery people carry a bottle of something to clean their grubby fingerprints off my new appliances??!!

J.L. A.
JL A6 years ago

helpful hint

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T6 years ago

I use warm soapy water & wipe hard with a soft microfiber cloth..

Duane B.
.7 years ago

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Danuta Watola
Danuta W7 years ago

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Kristina C.
Kristina C7 years ago

Thank you - I will try this out. In particular for the spots around my dogs nose-height.

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