Green Divas Guide to Eco-Friendly Hair Removal

2 Billion (yes BILLION) disposable razors are purchased and then tossed into our landfills in the US every year!

(I’m no math wizard, but I bet there is a ton of icky plastic packaging that adds to this mess)

Forgive me for being a diva about this, but I’m just not ready to have fuzzy legs in the summer . . . we’ve written and talked about this topic before and I always get some grief about how going hairy is the natural and hence the greenest way to go. This may be true, but I’m just not there yet. So, if you are offended by my desire for smooth legs (and less hairy other parts) in the summer, just click away from this post and accept my apologies in advance. BUT, if you are like me and you care a great deal about the environment, but don’t want to be too crunchy about it when it comes to personal leg hair style, read on!

So, if we are past the debate about smooth v. furry, let’s move on to how we can do it greener, shall we?

Go Electric? Ok, seems counter-intuitive and I’ve personally never used an electric shaver on my legs, but perhaps I should consider it:

  • It saves on three important resources, WATER, MONEY & SHAVING CREAM
  • A LOT less waste headed to the landfill
  • You can buy a solar-powered or rechargeable one (to minimize batteries and dirty electricity)

Get Sweet with Body Sugaring- I just learned about this method this past year when we did ourSleeping Naked is Green segment on “No More Shaving.” Essentially, you use a simple mixture of sugar and water to create a sticky substance that can be applied and when removed properly takes unwanted hair with it – voila, right? seems low-stress for the environment and perhaps on our legs too (and seriously low-budget too!). Fellow green blogger and author ofPlastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, Beth Terry, offers a greatDIY sugar was with honey recipe and a fun and detailed description of how it works.

Waxing – Some methods use a paraffin wax, which of course is a petroleum product (yuck). But there are natural waxes you can use that are just as effective. This post has furtherdetails as well as a good list of natural wax hair removal products. Of course, waxing is a great way to minimize water usage compared to shaving.

Greener Shaving -

  • Get it Straight – If you are brave, you could always try a straight razor, which is probably the most eco-friendly way to go as you are using and maintaining one blade, but nicks can be a bitch.
  • Build a Better Razor – There are a number of companies coming out with razors that are made from recycled parts and only require replacing the heads. (theTriple Razor is a good example)
  • Use Your Head – at the very least, find a razor that you can at least keep the handle and just change the head.
  • Extended Use – There’s a product we learned about that could help extend the life of your razor head called theRazor Gator. Could be worth checking out.



Julie Botsch
Julie Botsch3 years ago

Thank You. Other alternatives are: threading, tweezing, and cruelty-free razors.

Jeni G.
Jennifer G5 years ago

I am at the "safety razor" level right now - only need to buy replacement razor blades every year. Next step, straight razor. Tried sugaring a few times, but it really killed my skin.

Rosette Reyes
Rosette Reyes5 years ago

i have used epilator and shaving.. i just hope i could get the right sugaring product..

Erin Kathleen
Erin Walden5 years ago

There is a ready made sugar/honey hair removal kit that can be purchased at or at Whole Foods, Natural Grocery, and Sunflower Market. I have tried it and while you must have the hair you wish removed be a certain length it does work. I won't lie and say it did not hurt like the dickens, but it works and the cloth strips and applicators (wood) are reusable.

Sidra L.
Dorothy A5 years ago

waxing is the best way to get rid of the unwanted hair!

Kathryn Hosfeld
Kathryn Hosfeld5 years ago

Thanks for the links - Beth Terry was both hilarious & inspiring..I`m trying this!

Isabel Gosset
Isabel G5 years ago


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Ela V.
Ela V5 years ago

thanks for the sugar alternative to wax.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago