Green Divas on the Air Talking Low-Stress Green Living

We finally cranked up our mics and made it on the air for The Green Divas Radio Show. After our brief hiatus and subsequent obstacle course of weird weather, we had a ball in the studio this past week. For our first show we learned some great tips on how to keep the energy bills low from one of our new Green Dudes, Eco Ed. Then we talked to one of our favorite regular guests, Jessica Arinella from of the What You Can Do TV series about helping the hungry during this holiday season and about some great ways to help victims of Sandy.

Unfortunately, we lost the recording of the show (thanks to my new tech confusion and Mercury Retrograde!) and are unable to share the podcast of this show – bummer. BUT, I’ll share a synopsis of what we talked about, links and resources, two relevant podcasts from our archives and even a recipe for making new soap from those old tiny slivers.

Green Diva Lisa dishes from location on Cape Cod


The show started off with a few technical issues and a call from Green Diva Lisa who is currently is Cape Cod shooting with MSN. GD Lisa gave us the 411 on Cape-Abilities, a great organization that provides people with disabilities with education, counseling, housing and employment. One business they support is the Centerville Pie Company, a local business that got the Oprah seal of approval after she tasted some of their pie back in 2009 during a trip to the Cape.

Green Dude Ed Talks Energy and Green Tech

“Eco-Ed” Schwartz, Eco Warrior and co-founder of Green Living Solutions called in for our Green Dude segment, and offered a couple of great tips on “winterizing” or getting your home ready for the cold months ahead. He said there are three things we want to focus on for winterizing:

1. Being more eco-friendly – reducing our carbon footprint

2. Comfort – of course, every green diva or dude needs some of that!

3. Saving Money – yes, please!

speaking of saving money . . .

Did you know that 7-11% of our home energy bill comes from devices that remain plugged in when not is use!

Eco-Ed discussed “vampire” or phantom energy sources and how we can minimize this lost and costly energy! He talked about everything from a smart strip, which can automatically turn off chargers and things, to entire smart home systems, which can turn off unnecessary electronics with the flick of one switch. Check out a few home automation system reviews.

Listen to the Green Divas’ Sleeping Naked is Green segment about vampire energy solutions

Save money by changing your light bulbs – LED bulbs last loner than incandescent bulbs and CFLs give off 75-80% less energy than typical bulbs.

Meet Green Diva Mizar

Tonight’s show also marked the first time listeners got to meet co-host Green Diva Mizar. After sharing her expertise on water filtration and purification working with Pur2o, GD Mizar claimed her titled as the Queen of Repurposing.

Here is her Soap-from-Slivers Recipe:
Store old soap slivers in a random box (repurposing – always!)

Cram them into a plastic or glass container, nice and tight leaving a bit of space for water

Fill the gaps with water – Mizar used filtered/purified water to avoid any more chemicals – then cover the container.

Let it sit for a couple of days then uncover and allow to dry out a bit.

Run a spatula around the edges of the container to remove the block of soap.

Then wrap it in a piece of cheesecloth and hang it over a sink or container to really dry it out.

Once dry, cut into blocks, any size you’d like.

Extra pieces

Put any piece that falls off or fails to stick in an old wooly camp sock, tie off or somehow close the end, and use it in the shower as a great exfoliator!

Reuse those old liquid soap containers!

Once the soap is finished, fill mostly with clean water and drop several soap slivers (creamy soap works best) into the bottle.  Replace the pump lid.  In a couple of days – when the soap is dissolved – you’ll have soapy hand wash.

Interview with Jessica Arinalla

The Green Divas spoke with Jessica Arinalla, creator of the What Can You Do TV series where she, “gives viewers the power to take small steps to solve big problems. Each episode illuminates a pressing social issue – such as hunger, poverty or global warming – and then shows what viewers can do about it, even if they only have one minute of time to give.”

Today Jessica is busy supporting and highlighting several organizations that are helping everyone in the region savaged by Sandy, like raising $50,000 for animals displaced by the storm. She also spoke to us about Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and  for every “like” on their Facebook page one meal will be given to someone in need. So make sure to do that and tell your friends! She also has been focused on helping the hungry. She talked about  a food drive run by New York City that has people donating non-perishable foods to New York City police stations and fire houses for City Harvest, an organization that donates the food to the hungry.

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s animals is also having a supply drive to collect pet items like food and toys. So if you are in Manhattan or going to be make sure to get to a PetCo and donate! Drive ends November 18.

Jessica recommended a couple of charities supporting victims of Sandy:

Restore The Shore

Occupy Sandy

Charity Navigator - This site offers details on legitimate organizations for donations of various kinds

Jessica is a GREAT interview and has a lot of great information. Please listen to one of our GD Radio Show podcasts from about a year ago that features Jessica (last 15 minutes of podcast).


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some (not the only) ways to maybe lower stress too:

"Water cools the nerve endings and balances all the vital centers. Taking a cold shower or splashing your face with cold water is very helpful for nervousness.

For the overworked mental worker, merely going out of doors and resting the eyes upon some far distant patch of green will often soothe and relax the nervous system. Eating more fruit, not over-eating, and partial fasting—going without breakfast or lunch—are also good.

Associating with strong, serene, kind, spiritual people is of great benefit to the nervous person. Even a few moments in the company of a saint can work wonders in producing calmness and quiet.

Soul nervousness requires meditation
There is another form of nervousness, “soul nervousness,” which can be destroyed only by meditation. In soul nervousness, the soul is so identified with the body that it has forgotten its real nature. It thinks it is nothing but a bundle of sensations."

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