Green Festival : San Francisco

Spring is in the air and it’s that time again… Green Festival is coming to San Francisco this weekend, April 9 & 10. It’s a national project of Green America and Global Exchange that will be in Chicago, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles as well throughout this year.

I think what makes this festival stand out is that it is carries the true sense of inspiration that make the green community powerful. For those of you who have been before, you know that the Green Festival is one of the greatest collections of all things green, and that it’s done nothing but expand and grow ever since it debuted.

In their own words, Green Festival says:

“Think of†Green Festivalģ as a walk through a sustainable community. It begins with finding solutions to help make our lives healthier — socially, economically and environmentally. Individuals, business and community leaders come together to discuss critical issues that impact us at home and abroad. Organizations and businesses showcase programs and products that restore the planet and all that inhabit it. Neighbor-to-neighbor connections are formed and skills are shared to empower people to create positive change in the world.”

And the festival does just that. In years past, I’ve seen speakers who were happy to talk to me after the speech and actually had time to do it, met people who believed in the products they were showing at their booths, and networked with other passionate writers. It’s a festival that is about what it says it’s about and does it with soul.

Want to hear from other people what it’s like? Ask the hundreds of people in Care2′s own Green Festivals group.

If you’re in San Francisco this weekend, I highly recommend you be at the Green Festival.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had a good experience there, or if you know of a highlight to be on the lookout for!

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