Green Gadgets That Save You Money (2 videos)

Green Gadgets That Help Save the Planet and Save You Money

This segment from the Today Show demonstrates a number of cool green gadgets. You may be familiar with the power strip that turns off peripherals when you turn off your computer. It costs about $40 and can save you $100 a year in electricity costs. Now there are also solar chargers for cell phones and other small devices, and even a little fan blade that you put on your shoulder when you ride your bike that charges your devices.

To save more energy you can get a dual flush toilet. It has a little hand basin on top of the tank. After you wash your hands, the gray water flows into the tank where it is ready for the next flush.

On page 2 you’ll see a solar powered lamp that has an unusual story.

Read by the Light of the Sunóat Night

This is a neat little desk lamp that sells for $20 at Ikea. Put it by the window during the day, the sun will charge it up, then read at night.

Even better, each time you buy one, Ikea will contribute a hardier version to UNICEF for a needy child in a poor country. So far this year Ikea contributed more than half a million lamps; next year it hopes to reach one million.

Photo credit: Ikea


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