Green Gifts for Animal & Earth Lovers

My niece Erin is an incredible young woman with a to-die-for job. She takes groups of kids and adults on Outward Bound and Wilderness Orientation adventures, which expand their personal growth by pushing the limits of their physicality in spectacular natural settings. Her jobs take her all over the world. Every time I speak with her she is on her way to kayak in Baja or mountain climb in the Sierras. At our Thanksgiving dinner she announced she leaves next week to do another level of training in Patagonia. Needless to say, we were all green with envy!

My niece Erin topping-out on Mt Sill in Sierra Nevada’s, on a recent adventure.
(Photo Courtesy of Wavehaven Adventures)


On her Christmas list a few years ago, she asked if we could donate money in her name to causes she cared about, like saving endangered wolves. We all thought this was a terrific idea and have continued the tradition ever since.

Adopt a Wolf

In keeping in line with my last article about downsizing and recycling, here are green gift ideas from a variety of non-profits, including some of Care2′s partners. They make terrific gifts for friends and family members, and they don’t take up space in the closet. Best of all, they help the planet and support causes that are close to all of our hearts.

Protect the Bears

You can choose to adopt a wide range of animals through Defenders of Wildlife, including snowy owls, bald eagles, humming birds and monk seals. Animal adoptions include personalized adoption certificates, colorful animal fact sheets, wildlife activities book, and a stuffed plush animal.

Create a Monarch Sanctuary

Consider creating a monarch sanctuary through NRDC’s green gifts program. Through NRDC, you can also Keep Baby Buffalo safe from poaching and protect Protect Canadian Lynx.

Support Compassionate Farming

Compassion in World Farming is a UK organization that helps stop animal cruelty. They investigate farms, help spread awareness, fight for government legislation and persuade farmers to stop cruel practices, such as live exports of animals.

Stop the suffering of lab animals

Donate to Humane Society Canada or Humane Society UK to give a humane gift such as “stopping the suffering of lab animals” or “helping to vaccinate street dogs against rabies.” From farm animals, to struggling wildlife, to lab animals the Humane Society covers them all.


Erin at the Summit with her equally amazing climbing partner Haven
(Pictures courtesy of Haven Livingston of Wavehaven adventures)

Give the gift of clean air!

Donate to ecojustice, and help stop the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals in our communities. What better gift than helping to ensure future generations live with clean air and water?


Instead of joining in the frenzy of accumulating more stuff this holiday season, put some of these green gifts on your holiday list and feel good about being a part of the solution.

Please share your own ideas and websites for earth-friendly green gifts with our Care2 community. Happy holidays everyone!

Erica Sofrina is a motivational speaker, teacher and author of the book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World. She lives in Half Moon Bay in Northern California where she runs her Academy of Feng Shui and Consulting practice


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excellent !

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Grow a Pet TickleMe Plant!

One fun gift idea is the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. In it you can grow a real house plant that Moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle it!

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In response to Karen F., there are some very affordable "green" gifts out there. They may not be a partner of Care2, but if you go to, then in the left-hand column click on Gifts that Give More, you will find gifts for $1 on up. I've given several of these things before, and I was amazed at how inexpensive some things were, that would give so much help or comfort to someone in another country. Not an endorsement, but for those who either can't afford other "green" gifts, or who want to have their money go further. I'm all for green gifts, because I know a lot of people who do not need another knickknack to dust, and who, honestly, are trying to downsize and declutter.

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