Green Gifts for Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s Day and you know that he doesn’t really want a subscription to Golf Digest, a new tie or striped socks (okay, I know one guy who loves socks as a present, but he’s not a dad. Maybe that has something to do with it). But what does he want? Unless he has a book collection of signed firsts and you happen to have a few grand lying around looking for a home, finding that perfect green gift for Dad can be a tad difficult. That’s why I’m here. Far be it from me to know about all these nifty green gadgets and gifts and and not share them with you.

  1. Solar Crank Radio Cube from LiveGreen in Palo Alto – they also have an online store and shipping is only $5 anywhere in the continental US.
  2. Anything and everything from Heritage Salvage in Petaluma. The owner is an enthusiastic participant in the green and sustainable movement, and he happens to have exceptional taste in salvaged things.
  3. Small Solar Flashlight. This is also from LiveGreen (I happen to truly love this store, so I apologize for the bias).
  4. If dad’s a runner, hiker or any sort of outdoor-er, buy him some shoes from Keen, because Keen rocks. They don’t use glue in their shoes, they streamline their process to reduce environmentally hazardous chemicals during production, and they just opened a local manufacturing facility in Oregon.
  5. Kiva gift certificates. I just received one of these for my birthday and it made me cry with the possibility of the human heart and spirit. Kiva gives micro loans to small business all over the world. When the loan is paid off, you can turn it around and give it to someone else. My certificate is for $25, which is totally do-able for any gift giver and is the entire basis upon which Kiva works: A little money from a lot of people goes a long, long way.
  6. Sustainable surf gear from Wave Tribe.

Certainly there are hundreds of other very cool sustainable gifts out there for dad‘s of all interests, but these are my favorite picks, from the uber simple flashlight (I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t dig flashlights in all shapes and sizes) to the warm and fuzzy socially conscious micro loans. If you find a gift or already have one picked out and wrapped that you think would be a good addition to my list, please let me know! Write me at

- Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image © D’Arcy Norman on Flikr

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