Green Gifts for Pets

This year skip the plastic mesh stocking filled with crummy plastic pet treats at the store and indulge in a special eco-friendly gift for your pampered companion instead. Any of these are sure to make your puss or pooch happy, as well as please any pet lover in your life.

Kitty Catnip Toy
Watch your furry feline go crazy for this fun toy: A fabric, hand-sewn, hand-painted (with non-toxic safe paint) toy filled with cotton fill and garden grown, organic catnip. $3.

Catnip Eyeballs
These splendid cat toys are handmade with clean recycled sweatshirt fabric, this provides a great nubby texture cats love to chew on. Everything is stitched on without the use of glues or scary chemicals. Stuffed with plenty of minty organic catnip from an awesome local source these eyeballs are a hit. $10.

Hemp Dog Bones
These 100 percent Eco-Friendly Stuffed Hemp Bone Toys consist of a hemp canvas shell and are stuffed with recycled poly-cotton, making them an enjoyable chew toy for your pet. Soft, yet firm, these bones are perfect for tugging, throwing, chewing and snuggling. $8.95

Zogoflex Dog Toys
Zogoflex differs from other plastics typically used in dog toys in that it’s engineered to be recyclable and is made from an FDA-approved material. Now if Spot gnaws up his Zogoflex frisbee, his owner can send the broken remainders back to West Paw Design, where they’ll be ground down, made into a new toy of the owner’s choosing, and returned at no extra cost. From $8.50.

Cool Hemp Dog Collars
The cutest dog collars ever, adjustable and made of hemp. $20.

Green Cat Collars
Give the gift of a soft (not nylon) and eco-friendly collar to your cat–try organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton or bamboo. $5-$13.


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Thanks for the article.

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Cool TY!

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I discovered a great site for covers to go over your crate that are stylish. It's called crate covers and more ( They also design unique water proof sofa and dog beds. It's hard to locate a true water proof bed.


Caralien S.
Caralien S9 years ago

You can also bake treats for your dog using a modified cookie recipe. This year I made cashew-balls with an aspirin in them for our pooch (she has arthritis and one 325mg human aspirin is the right dose for her 80lbs, which I confirmed with out vet). My husband tried the treats before I told him that there was also brewer's yeast & home-made chicken stock in them, with pulverized oats as the filler and an egg as a binder (no sugar).

I still need to come up with a cat treat, as he is jealous of our dog's medicinal but tasty treats.

Tracie Hawks
Tracie Hawks9 years ago

Get the "cat dancer"! It is so cool and your cats will go nuts over it. It's just a piece of piano wire with a couple of small cardboard rolls on the end. Totally recyclable. Sure it sounds junky, but every cat I have ever known has gone ape kit over the "cat dancer"! It's a real toy, and I think you can get it at Pet Smart. Google it.

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not to mention keepin' pets away from all the rich holiday food and bones they can get into.. childproof your palace for your pet too

must be the innkeeper in me :)

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I would love some toys for cats, other than catnip...are there many? THANK YOU