Green Girl Survives with Emergen-C

Let me start out by saying that I have been ridiculously tired lately; final essays have been keeping me up until all hours. This afternoon I actually napped, something that I rarely am able to do (I have a difficult time falling asleep even at night and naps are usually completely impossible for me).

As I sat down to write this, I felt a little tickling in my throat, and immediately thought, ďOh, great. On top of all this work Iím getting sick.Ē So I poured some water from my water filter and ripped open a pack of Emergen-C, my go-to fix-all when I feel a sickness coming on.

Now, sicknesses spread very quickly in a dorm; between my roommate and my three close friends, we tend to get a collective illness that spreads amongst us. As a singer, I have learned many ways to halt sickness/make it better. I have my remedies, my neti pot, my teas and honey, my cough drops, and, of course, my Emergen-C, which I have introduced to my friends this year.

Whenever any of us feels even a slight bit of sickness coming on, we pull out the Emergen-C and pour some for all of us. Why is this so productive? Well, Emergen-C gives you 1000 mg of vitamin C, five B vitamins (for energy), and 32 minerals and electrolytes in one glass of water.

Vitamin C, as a dietary supplement, has been proven to improve the immune system. Not only is vitamin C an effective way to help fight off a cold; it has also been demonstrated to reduce the risk of such chronic illnesses as stroke, cancer, cataracts, and lead toxicity. As an example, women with a family history of breast cancer who consumed 205 mg of vitamin C per day were found to have a 63 percent lower risk of contracting this disease than those who consumed 70 mg per day.

Point being, vitamin C is clearly a key in boosting the immune system, and that is clearly what Emergen-C does. I can certainly say that I have had a lot fewer colds/flues since I started taking a pack whenever I felt one coming on. Plus, they come in lots of flavors—my personal favorite is tropical.

Note to self: Always keep a supply of Emergen-C.

Lily Berthold-Bond grew up in a chemical-free zone and has struggled her whole life to understand and accept this non-commercial lifestyle. Now a freshman at Tufts University, she has embraced her green life and hopes to share its possibilities with the rest of her generation.


Vural K.
Past Member 8 years ago


Marsha W.
Marsha W9 years ago

I love Emergen-C. I use it as well when I start feeling a cold or whatever coming on. It is cheaper than going to the doctor and works wonders for jet lag too!

Linda S.
Linda S9 years ago

Emergen-C also contains ALA (alpha lipoic acid) which is a mercury chelator and should not be consumed by people who have ANY mercury amalgam dental fillings.

jamie t.
jamie t9 years ago

Green girl I love your articles but when it comes to emergen-c I must disagree. It has an artificial sweetner in it acesulfame K and its worse than aspartame for you. Heres a link check it out
I use to use this myself for me and my kids but not after checking in to it further. I know your concerned about your health so I know you check it out **smile** jt in tx

Judi Bell
Judi Bell9 years ago

Green Girl ...

You may want to also try esperitox ... a natural herb for colds, coughs, etc... it is great. Gave it to my children while they were growing up, and I use it... works like a charm as a healer and as a preventitive ! Love your experiences !
Judi in NC

Veronique K.
Past Member 9 years ago

Emergen-C works wonders. When I get sick, I get SICK, and emergen-c is one of the few remedies that actually work. Love the column too:)

Sudha C.
sudha chennupati9 years ago

I love this coulmn

Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B.9 years ago

Hi green girl! Love your column! brings back memories of those college days! My Bikram yoga studio introduced me to the onders of Emergen-C! However it was on the expensive side until I discovered that my local Wal-mart carried this product at a significantly less expensive price. My mum in the US faithfully sends me my supply b/c I live in the UK now! beth (an american girl in the UK now)