Green Girl’s Wow Weed Killer

So last week my task in the garden was to pull weeds from between the cracks of the brick pathway. Despite the fact that it is a surprisingly calming task, it did hurt my thumb and forefinger after a while. My gardening glove even ripped from all of the rubbing against the brick! Also I’ve been playing guitar a lot recently and the pain in my fingers made it very difficult to play in a comfortable manner. Or at all.

It seemed like an unending, ungratifying task (no matter how much you weed, there are ALWAYS more), and so they told me that they would just spray the paths.

Now, at this point my mind was racing. Spray? Like, with herbicides? Like, with CHEMICALS? But that’s not safe. That’s not green. I don’t do well with herbicides! I’m very sensitive! Mother won’t let me work!

But I did not have to fret long. Luckily, the people I work for don’t like chemicals either. They shocked me by pulling out an organic weed killer that used clove oil as its main ingredient. Clove oil?!?! I had no idea that clove oil could be an effective weed killer. And when I got home and asked mother, she didn’t either! We were quite excited. Finding new, effective, green products makes our household as excited as kids in a candy shop.

The weed and grass killer was called Burn Out, and the ingredients were simple: Clove oil, vinegar and lemon juice. And Burn Out did indeed pass the test. The weeds between the cracks were killed and have remained away. It does seem as though clove oil works! We’re already telling everyone we know about this find.

Note to self: Goodbye, herbicides. There’s a new threat on the block.

Lily Berthold-Bond grew up in a chemical-free zone and has struggled her whole life to understand and accept this non-commercial lifestyle. Now a sophomore at Tufts University, she has embraced her green life and hopes to share its possibilities with the rest of her generation.


EcRo C.
ER C4 years ago

I'm afraid to put anything on the weeds...
Because it might hurt a good bug, good snake or a toad that crosses through those weeds.
I do however LOVE to pull weeds...good therapy 4 me.
I hope I will be able to keep pulling them for many more years, cause Getting old sucks !!!!!!!!!!
( watch out, that's the crazy 'ol cat lady up there, she'll hit you with a clod of dirt !!! )

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert4 years ago


Aud Nordby
Aud n4 years ago


Freya H.
Freya H4 years ago

I have used vinegar as a weed killer, and it works! It's great against mildew, too.

Brian M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Excellent, all-natural weed killer. However, please remember: some of those weeds make the tastiest greens, such as dandelions. They are an excellent addition to any salad.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago


Sandi C.
Sandi C6 years ago


Carole N.
Carole Nixon6 years ago

I have been using salt for a few years now.Table salt is great, it is easy to apply as you can 'pour' it onto the offending weed,without overspill. It is also very cheap!

pat B.
pat B6 years ago

hy try harsh and poisonous chemicals when hot water & salt or vinegar kills weeds ?

pat B.
pat B6 years ago

Hot water and a LOT of table salt kills my weeds .