Green Houseguests: DIY Towel Origami Basket

We are full flung into the heart of summer. As it fleets by with in a flurry of warm weather activity, it often brings guests to our homes. Houseguests sometimes get a bad rap, but I am of the belief that if you invite someone to enjoy the amenities of your gracious EcoNest, they might as well get the royal treatment (and hopefully leave a happy camper).

Houseguest etiquette is based on common sense and common courtesy. Eco-friendly lifestyle choices should be easy enough to share within the close quarters of living together for a short period time. Let’s face it; green comes in many shades, and a certain level of tolerance and sensitivity is required on the side of the host and the guest to balance out the visit.

If you’re hosting visitors this summer, why not indulge your guests in some basic green pampering amenities? Here is a link for creating a DIY Spa Towel Origami Gift Basket. You’ll need a bath towel, a face towel and some safety pins. Follow the 8 easy steps to make a decorative basket. Fill the basket with some eco-friendly items from the list below and your houseguests are sure to feel appreciated.

10 eco-friendly spa (and DIY) inspired gift items to include in your basket:
1. Soy Candles
2. Handmade Organic Soaps
3. Shampoo and Conditioner
4. Body or Hand Lotion
5. Spa Slippers (DIY!!)
6. Pumice Stone
7. Aromatherapy
8. Music
9. Organic Herbal Tea
10. Organic Wine

Now, if towel origami becomes your latest DIY love craft, you’ve got to check out a company I read about over at Green Your Decor. Le Viette’s promo states: “All of our eco-friendly towels are made with 100 percent organically grown cotton bamboo pulps, garnished with glitters of charm, elements of surprise, and sprinkles of love.” Le Viette comes from the French word for towel, serviette. Check out their collections of “dessert” gifts and decorative items for the home that are truly unique.

Ronnie Citron-Fink lives in New York with her husband, two children (when they come home to the nest), two dogs and a cat. Ronnie is a teacher and a writer. She has been a contributing writer for Family Fun magazine. She currently writes articles about education and home design. Her writings are in four books including Family Fun Home and Some Delights of the Hudson Valley.


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