Green Living for the Future, Right Now

Do you remember hearing about Julia Butterfly Hill, the young woman who lived in a giant redwood tree for two years to prevent its being cut down? I got to meet Julia last week, and found out that she is not only a standard-bearer for love and compassion in action, she is also grounded, direct–and very funny!

She was guest speaker at an open house for the eco-conscious intentional community currently under construction in upstate New York, near where I live. Both Julia and the Common Fire organization were inspiring. And I learned a great new phrase: What do you call it when someone tries to shove their political correctness down your throat in an ultra-superior way? Julia Butterfly Hill has a phrase for it. Find out what it is, and learn more about the Common Fire vision for green and sustainable living, here:

While Julia tries to live in a conscious and earth-centered way, she is aware that many folks can use their greenness as an excuse for a kind of smug superiority over others. She calls such people “granolier than thou”!

As for the vision of the founders of the Common Fire organization, I can tell you that it is rooted in a deep appreciation for the history of the land, and that the cutting-edge eco-technology being used for their beautiful building is setting a standard for green building in the Northeast.

Common Fire brings together a wonderful range of diverse people, united by the common fire of compassion and concern for the earth. For information about how you can be part of this vision for creating a sustainable future, now, visit the Common Fire website.

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer, Care2 Healthy Living Channels.


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