Healthy Homemade Dog Shampoo

Do you know what’s lurking in your pet’s shampoo? Actually, many of the same troublesome ingredients that our found in human beauty products. I had never really considered it before, but I have become so accustomed to scanning ingredient lists on beauty products, that when I inadvertently read a label on a dog shampoo I was purchasing (an “all-natural” one at that), I had a major “what?!!!” moment. I saw creepy parabens listed, and when I started looking at other brands saw the usual list of shady characters including sodium lauryl sulfate and the ever mysterious fragrance. If I won’t use those ingredients on my kids or myself, why would I use them on my dogs?

I looked around to see what other DIYers were washing their dogs with, and found a few interpretations of a formula that combines a mild dish soap, glycerine, vinegar and water. Sounds good! Using an all-natural dish soap (Seventh Generation, Ecover, etc.) will work to clean, glycerine is a humectant and emollient, and vinegar will boost shine and remove odor.

1/3 cup glycerin
1 cup all natural dish soap
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 quart water

Mix ingredients into a large bottle, shake, and use as needed.

For tips on how to bathe your dog, see this guide on


Angeles M
Angeles Mabout a year ago

Thank you

J Rabout a year ago

I wash my dog in diluted baking soda. Easy rinse since no lather.
Followed by diluted vinegar. This does not leave your pet dried out like shampoos, it’s natural. Rinse time is way less as is the cost.
Balancing my dogs ph levels on the skin, less rinse time,,,huge savings over store shampoo.. Both absorb odor.
My dog is extremely soft and shiny. Wouldn’t use anything else. It works. It’s non toxic. I’m not paying a company to keep toxic products out there.
I used this on myself first. Best hair ever after 50+ years frutration.

Sarah W.
Sarah W.7 years ago

can you add drops of oils for different fragrances like coco nut, vanilla, tea tree. lavendar, orange?

sandra sheehy
Past Member 7 years ago

well with a large gigantic hairy old english sheepdog,ill definately try it out.

Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan8 years ago

Thanks for the information.

Chris S.
Chris S.8 years ago

Does this work for cats as well? Just want to be sure before I whip this up to find out that I'll be using it for myself instead. Lol.

Courtney Coggins
Courtney Coggins8 years ago


Daisy Brambletoes

Vanilla! That sounds wonderful; I'll have to try it. I have a gingerbread-scented dog shampoo and cologne that I got from my groomer, and it is wonderful to smell at Christmas.

Rebecca S.
Rebecca Stover9 years ago

I checked with my vet and added a few drops of Vanilla oil to this. Boy, do I have the best smelling dog in the world. She smells like a fresh baked cookie LOL! AND you don't have to worry about this hurting their skin if they have skin troubles, my vet said this was a great mix.

Paula M.
Past Member 9 years ago

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