Green Scene: Parties with Eco-Flair

I attended a beautiful holiday party in NYC given by INFORM, a nonprofit group that examines the effects of business practices on the environment and on human health. The ambiance of the party was exquisite: I know the look of light green, greenwashing, medium green, lip service-green, even not-at-all green, and this party really touched my heart because it was fully green. Here is what they did green, with what products, and more about them:

I have admired INFORM for years because they understand that environmental health and the environment are one and the same, and their research is excellent. To learn more about them visit their website,

Putting into practice the solutions from the results of their research, they carefully planned their green holiday party down to the last cloth cocktail napkin. In fact, the mission of their party was to showcase the importance of green purchasing–choosing recyclable and long-lived products that contain the fewest toxic ingredients and the least amount of packaging–in order to create a more sustainable society.

Product Details for Giving a Green Party
Beeswax candles (scent-free)–a must if you want to be green
Potted trees–wonderful natural air cleaners
Cloth cocktail napkins
Invitations on recycled paper
Organic beer, wine, drinks
Organic hors díoeuvres

Guiding this yearís event was Master of Ceremonies Jayni Chase, long time friend of INFORM and a seasoned champion of environmental causes in her own right, especially in schools.

In the instance of this party, prizes were given away and even they were chosen for their
sustainability. These included an organic cotton sheet set and fireside throw, a solar-powered electronics charger, Seventh Generation green cleaning products, a Xerox Phaser 8500 printer with solid ink printing that generates 95 percent less waste than a typical color laser product. We also raffled a dinner for two at the highly regarded Blue Hill restaurant in New York City, serving organic food from regional farms, as well as a weekend for two at The Omega Instituteís Hudson Valley Retreat Center.

By Annie B. Bond


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