Green Shopping Guide

I am not usually one to go shopping. The sheer amount of things for sale in a mall, or as we call them up here, Shopping Center, tend to overwhelm me and I find myself standing there looking like the 30-something women I used to wonder about when I was 13 and in absolute head-over-heels love with all things mall and shopping related.

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So having become that slightly harried, I-just-really-want-to-find-what-I-want-to-find-and-not-spend-all-day-here woman, I pretty muchly just skip shopping all together. There wasn’t a lot of need when I lived in Costa Rica. I really did spend at least part of most of my days in a bathing suit or sarong and barefoot.

Up here though, I truly have a need for more clothing, and though green shopping can be a bit of a challenge, I like the process and I especially like that I actually feel good about what I’ve bought. Even though it might be an indulgence for me, it’s not one for the underprivileged women I’ve helped, or for the sustainable companies I’ve supported with my purchase.

Here are 15 Green Shopping Options:

1. Alternative Apparel – Using organic cotton and plant-based rayon, they are also committed to social and environmental justice.

2. Butterfly Maidens – 100% certified organic cotton clothing with water based dyes, made in San Diego and not in a sweat shop.

3. Della - Sustainably made handbags helping the women of Ghana.

4. Feel Goodz – Natural, ethically-produced flip flops.

5. Green Apple – Organic bamboo (it’s super soft) and cotton clothing with company-wide environmental stewardship.

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6. Hempest – Accessories, gear, paper, food and body care products by a company committed to sourcing and producing clothing which is ethically and ecologically manufactured.

7. Hempy’s – Clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials including hemp, organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled synthetics. Made in the USA, primarily in San Diego.

8. Make Love Not Trash – A small, family-owned company focused on making eco-conscious goods that make eco-fashion statements.

9. Nau – Environmentally friendly outdoor clothing backed by sustainable business practices.

10. New Leaf Paper – Eco paper company who’s customers have helped save over 4 million trees.

11. Pact – Organic underwear company that supports organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to positive change in our world.

12. Patagonia – Sustainably-minded since the 60s. Buy from Patagonia and you’re not only buying quality but supporting true change within business.

13. Prana – Sustainable since the 80s, they they participate in environmental and humanitarian causes and their company is run by natural wind power.

14. Stewart & Brown – One of the forerunners in eco-fashion, this company sets the example and avoids buzz-word fibers that require genetic engineering and pesticides.

15. Yeah Yeah Pony Prince! – Leading block printed organic clothing company in San Francisco.

After reading this, will you shop at one of these stores instead of somewhere you usually shop that isn’t sustainable? Take the poll!

-Jocelyn Broyles

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Kenny Soto
Kenny Soto4 years ago

Great shopping list with lots of great companies. I think that you could also add lur Apparel to that list.

We make all of our apparel from 100% recycled materials. It's softer than organic cotton and more eco-friendly.

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

every little bit help....we hope!

janet t.
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Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago

Or just buy used clothes.

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Hugh Mcintyre6 years ago


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Heather D.
Heather D6 years ago

I just ordered a skirt from Patagonia. Thanks!

David Erik Barsati

Yes, I hope enough of the good.

Elena Arutiunova
Elena Arutiunova6 years ago

Wow, that's great!