Grow a Container Garden

Growing food in pretty pots is fun. Each pot takes on a life of its own and you get to know container-grown plants up close and personal. Whether you haven’t gardened in the past because of a lack of growing space or you already have a big garden, consider growing even just a bit of homegrown, fresh, delicious food in containers.

If you do have a garden, chances are you aren’t supplying all of your family’s produce—so why not increase your production and add some pretty elements to you patio or deck? Or, plant just herbs in containers near your front of back door so they’re easy to grab when you’re preparing a fresh-cooked meal.

Even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a balcony, ask your landlord or apartment manager if you can plant a few things in pots along a sidewalk or building entrance. You never know unless you ask!

Container gardening is pretty simple, but there are some growing techniques that will help your potted plants thrive. For instance, pots won’t hold in moisture as well as an in-ground garden—so, you can try self-watering containers (how-to details in the first two resources below) or make sure to water daily. You’ll also want to make sure the roots of your crops have enough room to expand. Happy growing!

For tips to help you achieve a great container garden, check out these resources:

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Illustration by Elayne Sears


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GREAT,am going to compost...

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Yes, to container gardening. You can be as creative as you want and think of the variety of plants from ornamental plants to veggies and herbs and spices. Happy container gardening.