Guilt-Free Catch Up

Things get left behind.

No, I don’t mean THAT kind of left behind. I am talking about how you are busy, and I am busy and some things just don’t get done. It weighs on us. It leaves us feeling like inadequate losers. Okay, that is a little strong… but only a little. Overflowing to-do lists that carry over, day after day, because we can’t get it all done leave us feeling heavy, drained, and overwhelmed.

Today, I’m giving you a free pass. It is “Guilt-Free-Catch-Up Day!” Take some time–as much or as little time as you can spare, and dedicate it to wiping out the dread you feel around old, incomplete tasks. What to do? Anything old that feels heavy – run errands, return calls, pay bills, clean out the email inbox – whatever you need to do to lighten your load.

For example, sometimes my inbox gets out of control. It is where I hold things I still need to act on and normally, I start to get sort of antsy when if it gets above 25. If I’m not careful, it creeps up and this morning, I had 105 emails in my inbox! Here is the problem… I give up a little piece of energy every time I check email or think about someone I need to connect with electronically. The bigger the number of emails, the bigger the piece of energy lost with each physical (or mental) inbox encounter.Our lives are full of truly important relationships, activities, and responsibilities. Are we really willing to surrender our precious energetic resources to something as – What is the word? Control-able? – as the number of emails in the inbox?

Today, give yourself a gift; a free pass of sorts, to clean it up and take back the energy. No matter how old the emails are or how important they felt when you neglected them or how ashamed you feel about dropping the ball… Liberate yourself from all of it!

In two hours, I responded to dozens of people. I started with 105 and in two hours I was down to 27. With a few more stolen moments throughout the day, I was down again to 17. It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving… take a Guilt-Free Catch Up Day.

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon via flickr

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Faith B.
Faith Billingham6 years ago

great article, thanks :)

Kerry Stuparitz
Kerry G6 years ago

wonderful post! how very timely for me, thank you.

Arielle Black-Foley

I like to do this as well! Makes you feel so much "lighter".

Patricia G.
Patricia G6 years ago

I always love what you write. *LOVE*

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

dawn w. I am so with you and I do find the indormation so intersting.

dawn w.
Dawn W6 years ago

I'm having trouble keeping up with all these care2 newsletters.Geez,it's like an avalanche.Only reason I don't just delete them all is because I'm trying to earn butterfly credits to do some good.But I'm so behind!

White Feather
White Feather6 years ago

Great idea! Thanks for the pass. I think most everyone could use one.

Nina Anghel
Nina Anghel6 years ago

great idea. thanks.

Anne Brabson
Anne B6 years ago

It's the old "one day at a time" message that is true for many of us-so today I'll take your free pass and do catch-up on just 1 item that has been nagging me for a long time. Thanks for the suggestion!

Danny M.
Danny M6 years ago

Great article, thank you!