39 Handmade Christmas Ornaments & Trimmings

Decorating the Christmas tree every year is a time honored event. Whether you use artificial or go out hunting for a fresh tree every year, hanging ornaments, lights, and trimmings is a fun way to gather the family together. At my house growing up, putting the tree together (usually about a week after Thanksgiving), was a huge family affair. We unloaded the boxes from the attic, put some festive music on, and helped each other out while finding the perfect spot for each unique thing. Some were childhood handmades, others were collected from generations handed down, or bought recently at Hallmark. As I got older, new editions got less and less (man, we had a ton of ornaments!) but we did try and get a new piece during family vacations or for special memories throughout that year. If your family is looking for new additions this year, we’d love to share with you these unique and handmade ornaments and trimmings from some of our favorite online artisans. Happy holidays, everyone!

P.S. Like what you see? There is so much where that came from. Head to Etsy.com and search “ornament” or “tree trimming” for thousands of awesome options. The Monday after Thanksgiving is also known as “Cyber Monday,” so there are great deals on many online finds.


Twelve leopard print ornaments from Simple Offerings.


Set of five handmade reindeers from A Casa do Guaxinim.


Four cupcake ornaments – they look so tasty, you might try and taste them! From Little Pumpkin Munkie.

Six starfish ornaments – perfect for those who live by the sea… or just wish they did! From I Do Artsy Weddings.

Starbucks Christmas tree ornament – perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life! From Jegas Creations.


Personalized Christmas hoop for the tree for mantle from Clementine Jayne.

5 felt gingerbread ornaments or keychains from My House of Dreams.

Got a Twihard in your family tree? They might just love this handmade set from Creative Gitana.

Six crocheted ornaments from Arliss Custom Crochet.

Personalized, hand stamped family ornament from Fired Up Ladies Hammer.

Three crocheted stars from Slumber Spun.

The Grinch – a classic – from Baby Bird Crafts.

Show off your state pride with a personalized (you pick the state and where the heart goes) ornament from Mon Mon Bo Bon.

Get really cute with this personalized, handmade “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament from Said in Stone Online.

Hand stamped and personalized ornament from Whirly Bird Designs.

Personalized once again, this one a perfect fit for a couples first Christmas. Made in the state of your choice. From Bragging Bags.

Somebody love the kitties? Gift them with 3 shabby chic treats for their tree. From Old World Primitives.

Personalized jute heart from Blue Pearls.

Wedding invitation ornament – great as a keepsake of your own special day or a gift for a recent bride and groom. From C Dickhens.

Five felted and glittered acorns from Anna Belle Arts.

Three sheet music ornaments from Dana’s Paper Flowers.

Hilarious mustache ornament from Bless Your Heart Glass.

Friendship ornament from Rhythm’s of Grace Art.

Set of three felt owls from Shop of Wordly Delight.

Got a “Dr. Who” fan on your hands? Gift them this ornament from Boho Bear Paper Studio.

Sounds about right. From Picard Creative.

Jicaro gourd hand carved from the Ojala Store.

Needle felted gnome – you choose color and gender – from Earthy Mama Goods.

Hunger Games swag on a loved ones Christmas list? Get them this awesome ornament from Tree Baulbes.

Plantable paper stars (you get 15!) from Pulp Art.

Set of two rustic ornaments from My Daisy 2000.

Personalized chevron ornament from Natalie J Collection.

Sprite upcycled ornaments (you get two) from Lizard Skins.

Wooden Baby’s First Christmas ornament from Timber Green Woods.

My personal favorite, the Peanuts set, from Ginger Pots.

A close second to favorite in my heart (being an Athens, Georgia native, how could it not?) Personalized with a name on the back from Doodle Pad Designs.

Tree branch ornaments from The Sitting Tree.

Set of eight steampunk gear ornaments from Dreamful Designs.

Folded book ornament from Paper Statement.

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aj E.
aj E4 years ago

nice ones.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

I LOVED these! I got some great ideas! thank you so much!!!

Les M.
Les M5 years ago

u can find directions on-line. i made cross stiched ornaments for several years. there are several christmas themed counted cross stitch books available at craft stores. also, i know it's so simple, but i like making paper snowflakes. there is a huge variety of paper available now with scrapbooking, plus you can embellish with glitter. in addition to snowflakes, you can make origami flowers. i use them as bows on packages that can then be hung up.

Karin J.
Karin J5 years ago

I hope the star fish ornaments are from porcelain.

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Diane Piecara
Diane Piecara5 years ago

I was looking forward to making these with my family, but, alas...just another commercial to buy more stuff.

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g d c5 years ago

handmade items for sale...
not instructions on how to make your own...

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There's some really great ideas...
but asking the same like Sue H.

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