Happy Holidays from Care2 Pets!

Jazmin and Cuqui posing politely at Christmas.

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Here are Buster and Ruby. Buster (the Boston Terrier) likes to visit the nursing home where his owner used to live, every Tuesday. Sometimes his Beagle friend Ruby joins him. Buster is the nursing home’s unofficial mascot and the people there love him.

Maggie May is a 10 month-old Zuchon (shitzu/bischon). Maggie is true to her perfect mask as she loves to steal shoes and socks. She’ll grab them on the run, laughing all the way.

This is Honey, a one and a half year old lab. She lives in Franklin Square, NY and is a very good girl who allows her owner to dress her up for the holidays.

This is Jerry and he is 10 1/2 years old.

This is Lemon Drop the Chihuahua. He loves to run on the beach and in parks. His very special talent is to high five and give kisses!

This is Buddy (9 years old) with the sweetest personality. He is a sharpei/husky mix who knows about 30 tricks now–including ‘blowing kisses’ and waving ‘hello’ to new friends!

This is Buddy and he is a terrier mix, with some lab in him, believe it or not.

Tallulah the five year old Shih Tzu Bichon cross who lives in Port Moody, BC and is a dedicated lap and couch potato. She spends her days begging for bananas and herring and sleeping by the fire.

This is Jake, an adorable Standard Dachshund mix about 16 months old. He lives in La Porte, TX. He loves to chew, go to the dog park and Camp Bow Wow, and meeting playing with new people and dogs in general.

Bugsie sitting pretty with her adorable pink kitty outfit.

Caesar is 8, going on 9, and lives in Huntington Beach, CA. This is his 2009 annual Christmas card photo; every year, it takes a handful of treats to get him to pose for his photo. This year he is wearing a Sombrero–in honor of his native Mexico. Feliz Navidad from California.

This cute pomeranian’s name is Captain Jack Sparrow in his Christmas hat surrounded by all the presents he will help Santa deliver this year. He lives in University Heights, Ohio. and is very talented. He can sit, stay, roll over, play dead, jump through hoops, jump on my back, dance, high-5 (high 10 actually) and shake “hands”.

This is Cloomy looking very cute in his Santa hat.

Cody is a bundle of energy and has personality to spare, he is always up for a game of fetch or chase and has to be the center of all activities. Christmas time is a blast for Cody, as he loves to unwrap his own presents and according to Cody there can never be too many dog toys in his toy box.

Yippee and Butch are sister and brother, born in 2006 in Chicago, IL.

Benjamin the cat, Remy the dog, wearing their finest Chanukah gear.

Marley is a 4-year old Australian cattle dog from Temecula, CA. He is the younger brother to Maya, a 7-year old “labweiler.”  Marley is a crazy boy that will do just about anything for food.  Every year, he and his sister model for the Christmas cards and he seems to really love it. He is an excellent Frisbee player and has some great jumping skills!

This is Miguel modeling his little Santa hat.

Princesa (age 9) understands her commands in Spanish and English. She is a faithful and loving companion.

This is Riggs cozy with his holiday hat.

Mr. Hobo Zeus Bandit and Sir. Rocky Thor Bear (both 7 1/2 years old) wishing Happy Holidays to all.

This is Rosie and she is about eight years old.  Looking very cute living in Philadelphia.

This is Shelby the Shelty, age 5 from Altadena CA. She has had it with the crowds and late nights. Bah Humbug. But Santa’s cookies, Yum.

This is Sydney and is about  two years old. She lives Matawan, New Jersey. Wishing everyone a warm, joyous holiday and a Happy New Year!

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