Happy Tails: Animal Adoption Successes!

Animal gets lost, abandoned, given up; animal lands at shelter; human goes to shelter looking for pet, meets animal; human adopts animal; animal adopts human; a mutually beneficial and loving relationship is born!

Few things are as heartwarming as a successful animal adoption story–and our friends over at petfinder.com should know since that is pretty much the number one mission of their business! We picked a few of our favorite stories from Petfinder’s reader-submitted Happy Tails to share with our Care2 members.

Do you have a great adoption story to share? Tell us about it in the comments section at the end of this post. Happy tails to you!

From Stephanie of Wappingers Falls , NY. Adopted from Animal Refuge League, Westbrook, ME

Seven years after the death of my very first guinea pig, I decided it was time to allow another one into my life. As soon as I saw Schroeder’s face and read his description, I knew I had found the pig for me. It might seem crazy to drive from NY to Maine and back in one day to adopt a critter, but that trip was well worth it. I have had Schroeder for three years now, and he brings me so much joy every single day. He is quite the amusing character, fully living up to the Petfinder description of “Mr. Personality.” Thank you, ARLGP, for connecting me with my little buddy.

Charlie and Simba
From Jamie of Northport, MI. Adopted from Vickys Pet Connection, Ada, MI.

Charlie’s mama was thrown over the fence of a shelter in Ohio two days before giving birth to eleven puppies. The shelter apparently had no room and through networking, they connected with Vickys Pet Connection in Grand Rapids, Michigan and mama, Charlie, and his 10 litter mates were lovingly fostered by a volunteer.

I had lost my best canine friend of 17 years, Katie (a lab mix) almost a year prior to looking on Petfinder for a new friend. I was finally ready to start a new journey with a new furry friend.

On my first visit to see the puppies, I simply sat down on the ground among them and decided to let one choose me. I picked up and tried to cuddle with 3 or 4 different puppies and each would wiggle away and want to go play with their litter mates. However, Charlie kept coming back. If he wasn’t in front of me trying to climb in my lap, he was behind me trying to climb up my back. I’d pick him up and put him down and he would just keep coming back, ignoring his litter mates. I knew he was the one and that he had chosen me.

At the time, I had 3 cats. When I brought Charlie home, 2 went scurrying away in disgust as if to say “oh great, another annoying dog”! But one, Simba, ran right up to him and started playing with him. The other cats eventually warmed up to him, but to this day, he and Simba are best friends and they wrestle, chase each other and sleep together. Charlie has been nothing but love and fun since I brought him home. He’s so smart and well behaved, and makes me smile every day. I feel so lucky to have him and my only regret is that I didn’t adopt two puppies that day–but…lately I’ve been back on Petfinder looking for a possible little sister for Charlie. We’ll see!

From Lisa of Torrance, CA. Adopted from Noah’s Bark.

Ciega is a blind chihuahua/dachshund mix. She was at an adoption in front of our local pet store. She was rescued with her 2 puppies outside of an LA area shelter by Noah’s Bark. The wonderful volunteers saved her because she would certainly have been put down due to her disability. She is an amazing little girl. She learned the set-up of our home right away. She even learned how to go downstairs and she found the doggie door all by herself. She loves to run and trusts that we will say “careful” when she is nearing danger. Ciega is a very loving girl. She inspires many with her courage. She reminds people that even if you are not “perfect”, you can still be wonderful. We love our little Ciega and are thankful that she has come into our lives.

From Kristin and AL of Little Egg Harbor, NJ. Adopted from Friends of Rocky Mount. Animals (F.O.R.Animals), Cape May, NJ.

Stella is a wonderful dog, she thinks she is human. She had a great personality when she arrived and is just getting better everyday. Friends of Rocky Mount is a great rescue to work with.

From Stephanie of Litchfield Park, AZ. Adopted from Maricopa County Animal Control.

In the summer of 2008 we lost one of our little cats after a valiant battle with cancer. Having left a rather large hole in our hearts and household we needed to get another little cat. After a couple of days looking at all the local shelters, twice even, I came across this cute little bundle or fur that I must have missed a couple days earlier. I brought home a beautiful little Siberian Forest / Persian mix, She was a young and sweet cat and we quickly fell in love with this little darling and her amusing antics. Then I came home one afternoon right before Christmas to devastating news. Our beloved Cat named Spiffy, had gone missing. I was devastated to sat the least. For nearly 4 weeks I went looking around the neighborhood, posting fliers, knocking on neighbors doors and handing out fliers, posting notices and photos on all the lost pet websites. I had a few leads but nothing panned out.

One night, not expecting any good news, my husband answered the phone handed it to me, and the stranger on the other end asked, had I found my cat yet? No, I said …she said “I am sure I am looking at your cat, I am at Camelback and Sarival Roads.” She said she was watching her but did not want to approach her and scare her off, but she was certain she was looking at my cat, I think she asked if my cat was Spiffy. For a moment I thought this might be another dead end call, but then I thought this sounded like a call that might really pan out. I asked her if she could just watch her and wait there, I would be right there she said yes! I got in the car, not sure if this going to be another ‘similar cat’ sighting or not. I was hoping after 4 weeks of looking, I almost did not dare get my hopes up again. But maybe this call might different.

My good Samaritan was at the corner, 3.5 miles from my home in the middle of nowhere, west of our house is farm land for several miles all around. So there she was stopped at the 4 way stop sign and she looks to her side and sees this little kitty. She says to her self this kitty is too pretty to be out here by her self in the middle of no where, and so close to all this traffic she could get hurt. She thought maybe she could be lost and some one was looking for her, so here comes the good part… she takes out her phone because she has a web browser, she looks up CraigsList, and looks up I am not exactly sure what, lost cat, long haired Tabby, Litchfield Park, and there she was looking at my post for my lost cat Spiffy. She had the photos right there and said that looks like Spiffy, I better call her owners. She had says to me “I have a web browser on my phone and a picture on it, that looks just like this cat in front of me”. I drove out there, and pulled up to where she was pointing and there she was sitting there exactly like this photo, and just like that I had my cat back. After 4 long weeks.

So for any one out there who has lost something, or found something, or if you see an animal that is by it’s self and it shouldn’t be, check CraigsList or post it on CraigsList it’s free. You just might make someone’s day or you just might find something or someone you have been missing.

From Jessica of Erie, PA. Adopted from A.N.N.A Shelter.

My mom and I had been scanning the local animal shelters for 5 years before finding the perfect fit! We had bought another dog 7 years earlier at a pet store in the local mall. We had many problems potty training it outdoors, the dog wasn’t very affectionate with us, and would constantly try to run away. We later came to find out that our pet store dog had come from a notorious puppy mill. Needless to say, we were a little gun-shy about getting another.

My mom was determined to get the perfect dog the second time around. Each time we ran across a friendly dog, she would try out a few simple commands. If they couldn’t follow the commands, she insisted we keep looking. I was beginning to lose hope when we saw a promotion for the A.N.N.A Shelter on the news and decided to walk though the next day. When we walked up to Shelby’s cage, she sat and laid down on command. She didn’t bark once and when we walked away, she followed us to the end of her cage and started crying. Once we took her out of the cage, she heeled on command. She had a few problems (overweight, skin rash, and mats), but we didn’t care … she had won us over.

Since then, Shelby has been the perfect fit for us. She loves the outdoors and doesn’t need a leash in our yard or anywhere … she doesn’t leave our side (we sometimes call her Velcro)! She has become very protective of us and our home. She loves playing Frisbee and herding geese. Most of all, she is a huge water dog … we can barely get her out of the lake! She even brought out a great personality in our cat, who was pretty shy.

Shelby had a wonderful disposition and was great around everyone, from little kids to the elderly. After seeing this, we decided to have her tested to become a Therapy Dog. Our sweet shelter dog now brings joy to school kids and Alzheimer’s patients during her visits to the school and nursing home!

Check out more adoption success stories, and pets awaiting adoption, at petfinder.com.

Do you have a great adoption story to share? Tell us about it in the comments section. Happy Tails!


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Thanks to Larissa Whitby at Newbark I got Tony a Miniature Pincher whom I love dearly. I live in a Retirement home and have difficulty making human friends as I am not outgoing so Tony is my life and I do not know what I would do without him.. We share life food and my bed. He simply is the only life and love I have.

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