Harvard Study Links Seed to 37% Increase in Weight Loss

We’ve long known that flax seeds are packed with health-promoting properties.  But new research at Harvard University indicates that these seeds give weight loss efforts a serious boost.  The scientists found that flax’s polyunsaturated fats and fiber caused study participants to lose 37% more weight than their non-flax eating counterparts.

Avoid cooking with flax seeds or flax seed oil since heat destroys the beneficial properties of the seeds. The study results were obtained with the ground seeds but both ground flax seeds and oil have beneficial healing properties.

Add either the ground seeds or oil to already cooked foods or salads. I toss a tablespoon of the ground seeds into smoothies for a nutritious energy drink, and sprinkle them on whole grain pancakes or French toast.

Keep both the ground seeds and oil stored in your refrigerator.

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