Harvest Foodie Fun, Eco-Friendly Maine & Conservation (video)

We had a GREAT show this week with a variety of topics, ranging from GD Meg’s eco-adventures in Maine to a whole lot of foodie fun talk about apples and what to do with all those great veggies from the garden or farmer’s market this harvest season! On a more serious note, we spoke to Deb Thomas and Cait Kennedy of the Powder River Basin Resources Council, who talked about what oil and natural gas extraction is doing to the heart of our beautiful country.

So listen to the whole show here, and we recommend reading below for additional fun details . . .


green apple with heart carved outGreen Diva Foode-Phile: Tis’ the Season to Get a Little Apple-y

Apples epitomize fall, so of course, we absolutely had to bring up Johnny Appleseed’s famous fruit. Green Diva Gina few up in the New Hampshire mountains, so she shared her fond memories of picking McIntosh and Granny Smith apples with family, then cooking up a storm. Between homemade apple sauces, apple crisp, apple pie, apple fritters, tarts and salads, they got pretty fruity. Apples are a New England tradition, but that wasn’t always the case. Check out GD Gina’s post all about apples to learn much more. Listen to this fun Foodie-Phile podcast to hear all about apples!

zucchiniGreen Diva Mizar’s DIY: Frozen Food in a Flash

Want to save money on your grocery bill? Why not flash freeze fresh veggies from this season’s harvest? Green Diva Mizar had some pretty amazing trumpet zucchinis in her garden this year thanks to her Italian mama who brought seeds from Italy earlier this year. Why not enjoy your seasonal favorites during those chilly winter months? Please read her post to get a really great tutorial on how to flash freeze your veggies.

Listen to this great podcast to get even more ideas and information!

What natural gas and oil extraction is doing to some of the most gorgeous places in our country

lake and grand tetons

Green Diva Feature Interview: Deb Thomas & Cait Kennedy

Deb Thomas is the Community Organizer of the Powder River Basin Resources Council, and Cait Kennedy is an intern who flew out to Clark Wyoming from Drew University in New Jersey to work with Deb. Cait was in the Green Diva Studio with us and we got Deb on the phone to talk about the impact that the oil and gas industry is having on the natural resources in Wyoming. The Powder River Basin Resources Council is committed to empowering people through community organizing and education. They are helping raise awareness about the realities of oil and gas extraction, and that responsible development is critical, not only for Wyoming but for places throughout our country where natural resources can be accessed. oil well pollution in wyoming Oil and natural gas extraction is wreaking havoc on the air, water and quality of life for people who live near these places and ultimately for all of us. Please go to the Powder River Basin Resources Council‘s website to learn more and find out how you can get involved! Please listen to this informative interview!

image of the Grand Tetons via Shutterstock
image of oil well pollution @ Mount of Olives Ranch by Cait Kennedy


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