Has the G-Spot Been Over-Marketed?

You know, well before Columbus discovered America people thought the world was flat, not round. If you asked anybody, that is what they would have told you because they had no life experience of a round world. They truly believed that they lived on a flat world. Apparently, researchers at The King’s College London used a similar technique to find out if women have a G-spot, and published their results in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. You see, they simply asked 1,800 women if they had a G-spot or not!

Does anybody yet see how this study was incredibly flawed? It showed no understanding of women, their relationship to their bodies, their sexuality and where the G-spot actually is.

Frankly, many women simply do not have any experience with their G-spot to know if it is there or not there. For a woman to find her G-spot on her own she may need a sex toy, such as a wand, to help her find it. G-spot explorers also need to be comfortable enough with their bodies to go exploring. Not every woman is up to the job. In my experience as a fertility educator, it is very difficult to get women to reach inside their vagina to feel their cervix in order to determine if they are ovulating. Many prefer to use ovulation predictor kits rather than getting to know their cervical mucus changes and how their cervix feels during various part of the menstrual cycle.

Many women don’t find their G-spot until they have a lover who is interested in going exploring with her. And for many women that means that they will never find their G-spot, or even go looking for it. Women who decide to go exploring their G-spot, either on their own or with a lover, may find that they don’t understand what all the hype is about. “Awakening the G-spot” as Charlotte Goldman-Smith, co-founder of The Pleasure Mechanics, said “can take time.”

Some women can even feel discomfort and the urge to urinate during their first G-spot explorations. Others may find that G-spot stimulation brings on emotional releases that they may not have been prepared for. At least, that was my experience. From my own experience with my body, I know that I have a G-spot. But I didn’t discover it until several years ago – and I am in my forties. I could have been one of those women in the UK study that said that I didn’t have one, because I had never been properly introduced to my own body.

I do think that the G-spot has been over-marketed the way many things are when it comes to sex. The G-spot became a selling opportunity and there is all of this G-spot pressure on women. G-spot experiences do not always erupt in mind blowing orgasms and wild female ejaculation. Getting to know your G-spot takes time, patience and often a willing partner. Every woman will have a different relationship with her G-spot, just as women are all different sexually and experience orgasm in many different ways. I hate the hype and the pressure that some women feel around all of this stuff.

Instead I prefer to encourage men and women to relax into what I call an “Organic Orgasm.” Sexual pleasure is not about achieving goals. We are not in the sexual Olympics – and no one has to measure up.

But it would be good to give women and men good information and research about their bodies. And simply asking women to self-report about a part of their body that they have never seen – or never have been introduced to – is not good science.

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Dave Youngman
Dave Youngman4 years ago

Posts on my TRY THIS thread on Lit provide a technique for couples to try. It works MOST of the time and if it does and you've never managed to find or properly stimulate this area before it can be an epiphany. The fabulous thing with this is that once it is triggered it can produce multiple G-Gasms which are powerful, whole body orgasms. The result based on much feedback is a much closer relationship, increased self-confidence and a near addiction to the feeling. Read some of the posts and suggestions if you are still unsure. It has been described as THE best source of REAL info on the topic.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago


Dave Y.
Dave Youngman5 years ago

From lots of feedback from my TRY THIS thread one of the biggest and most obvious differences between a clitoral O and a G-Gasm is the ways the muscles spasm/contract/work.

Clitoral O's produce a suck IN muscular spasm and of course with most women the clit then becomes so sensitive it can't be even LOOKED at for a while. This tends to rule out multiple O's unless it happens over an extended period of time where lots of peaks can be reached and then the clitoral cool-off period waited out.

The G-Gasms - and yes, the G-SPOT is normally found in one area of the vag but MANY women simply state that the pressure needed to trigger the GSPOT just feels better when applied to some other area - so yes, you're all the same and you're all different.

G-Gasms are known for their much more muscular and PUSH OUT spasms. Depending on the woman's muscle tone (KEGELs ladies *clutch*release*clutch* release ....) she can literally EJECT an erection from her vag during these contractions.

The FABULOUS thing about G-Gasms is that the GSPOT does NOT become too sensitive. If the stimulus is applied soon after the first orgasm subsides then the result is usually another huge O. Let the 2nd O subside by no more than a minute and start again and kAbOOM .. another massive G-Gasm. You can, if she is in good shape, keep that up for hours. Many couple report hitting that spot ONCE and having ONE fabulous O but then "searching" for that same spot again for years with no success. The techniqu

Adelaide Brooks
Adelaide B5 years ago

Is there an edit button? I hate making grammatical errors and not noticing until after I post my comment.

Adelaide Brooks
Adelaide B5 years ago

I watched a documentary about it and according to them the g-spot was a misnomer as it was no spot a wide area around and inside the vagina which was connected to the clitoris. They even had diagrams... it was a cool watch. Based on my experience, this makes much more sense and would explains how it feels when I have sex and specially when I orgasm.
However, I am a true skeptic and shall continue to explore the subject.

Elaya Raja
Elaya Raja5 years ago

very interesting topic

Greg Cooper
Senior Coop5 years ago

Wow! It's really hard to believe that there are numerous amounts of women out here who has never had a G-spot experience before. It's also just as hard to believe that there are a bunch of guys out here today who don't know what a G-spot is, more or less where to find it.

For those of you who are very curious as to what and where a woman's G-spot is :

It is that little bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the woman's paraurethral gland, which is basically similar to the male prostate. The actual area of a woman's G-spot is only about the size of a quarter, and it feels much rougher (bumpy) to the touch than the other surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it -- especially if you learn how to master the woman's G-spot effectively. That's why most women feel as though they have to urinate during sexual intercourse. It's mainly due to the pressure in which the man's penis applies to a swollen G-spot during sexual intercourse.

It is located about one to two inches in from the vaginal opening or the inside, upper front vaginal wall of her vagina, below her belly button.

Guys you can use your long index fingers to find it. But be extremely careful, because the letter "G" in the word G-spot actually stands for the word "G-usher", if it's stimulated right! LOL! just kidding. The letter "G" is actually referencing the last name of the infamous German Gynecologist by the name of Ernst Grafenburg who discovered the

Laurie Greenberg
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Sharon Nevils
Sharon Nevils5 years ago

I did not find my g - spot on my own . I thought ok , maybe it's a myth , until I had a very patient & skilled lover who showed me it does exist & oh WOW is all I can say .