Have a Stressed Cat? There’s a CD For That (Giveaway!)

Have you ever brought your cat to the vet because he stopped eating when the contractors started remodeling your kitchen? Or maybe Fluffy flipped out during the loud booms of fireworks and harmed herself in the process?

Recent research by Dr. C.A. Tony Buffington, at Ohio State University, showed that a primary cause of feline interstitial cystitis (a leading cause of euthanasia) is stress. Change in the cat’s physical environment—strangers, different food, additional animals, loud noises, illness, etc.—is a major contributor.

Cats prefer their homes to be stable and consistent. Acute feline stress turns into chronic irritation, manifesting in disease and behavioral challenges.

I have spent many years learning about the impact of sound therapy on stressed animals. Recently, my company created Through a Cat’s Ear, which combines music and sound therapy techniques, specifically designed for feline anxiety issues and enrichment.

Music to calm and stimulate cats… seriously?

Music for Calming is designed to reduce stress in a chaotic or unsettling environment. Sound therapies are similar to those used with neurodevelopmentally-challenged humans in which tone, tempo, and pattern are considered. Frequency ranges have been adjusted to a cat’s auditory range and a new technique called sonic anchoring is included, developed by producer and sound researcher Joshua Leeds.

Music to Stimulate provides sensory enrichment for indoor cats. Why is environmental enrichment important? Without high sensorial activities, your indoor cats’ nervous system becomes chronically stressed. This leads to difficult behaviors and/or illnesses that impact the entire cat household.

Enjoy Sound Samples: Click to Listen

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Michelle Hall
Michelle Lee Hallabout a year ago

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to ask my fiancee about getting this. Our Siamese is a bit neurotic and stresses out if my fiancee is gone from the house.

Evelyn M.
Evelyn Mabout a year ago

Great idea. Better than total silence.

Elisabeth Hansson
Elisabeth H1 years ago

I would have thought "bird tweets" and running water in the background could be soothing for stressed cats. Good idea however.

Vi M.
V M1 years ago

Yes, they Do enjoy their background sounds; especially when you're gone.

Debby Mason-Davies

This would be awesome for my feral foster kittens! We no longer impose our wills on theirs, but rather wait for them to come to us (of course we have the food so that helps!) Hopefully this could give us more of a head start.

Carole R.
Carole R1 years ago

Great idea.

Natalie Gagnon
Natalie Gagnon1 years ago

Thank you for the information, I didn't know this CD.

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl1 years ago

Wow I´d love to win such a CD for my 3 cats Gizzy, Thori and Sisi, the second hand kitties (on Facebook under that name), the boys´re rather stress-resistant, but my lil old senior dwarf girl Sisi´s often nervous or stressed, adopted her from my mum when she had to move to an old people´s residence in summer of 2014, she and the boys get along great as "kitty patchwork family" with different ages (and all not related), but sometimes Sisi startles if one of them´s standing in front of her in his full size, Gizzy´s a big Norwegian Forest Cat mix, and Thori´s a short-haired Maine Coon mix, also rather big, and then the lil old tiny girl LOL!!! Would really be great if I won once in my life....

Sherry Kohn
Sherry Kohn1 years ago

Many thanks to you !

Michael Friedman

Thank you!!