Have a Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While the traditional meal centers around meat and dairy products, it’s not only possible to have a cruelty-free, vegan Thanksgiving, it’s delicious, too!

The key to a vegan Thanksgiving is a little planning and the right mix of recipes. If you fill your table with tasty dishes, chances are few folks will miss the animal products!

I know that a vegan Thanksgiving might not be for everyone. If you feel like cutting the animal parts entirely out of your meal is too much, you can still reduce the amount of meat, eggs, and dairy on the table and have an impact! Instead of a giant, factory-farmed bird, for example, you can pick up a smaller turkey that was raised in healthy, more humane conditions. Then, round out the meal with some of these vegan options!

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Stuffed acorn squash

Mock Meat

If you’re going to have a lot of meat eaters at your gathering, I don’t recommend going the mock meat route. For an omnivore, most fake meat products don’t replace the real deal, and it just reminds them that you didn’t get a turkey.

For folks determined to go the faux meat route, I’m a big fan of the Field Roast. It’s soy-free and delicious! You can also make your own vegan roast from scratch! Vegan Dad’s Seitan Roast with Wild Rice and Chestnut Stuffing is a delicious, home made option.

Main Dish Alternatives

Of course, there are tons of seasonal alternatives to turkey that don’t involve fake meat. Stuffed squash makes for a satisfying main dish. You can also opt for a fall-themed casserole or a hearty pan of roasted veggies. A veggie pot pie makes a great crowd pleaser, too!

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Vegan wild rice with mushrooms, spiced potatoes, and spinach

Vegan Sides

Side dishes were always my favorite part of Thanksgiving, and there are a ton of delicious, vegan options out there. In fact, some classic sides are vegan already, no modification required! Things like cranberry sauce, green salad, and wild rice with sauteed mushrooms really help round things out.

If you’re looking to veganize popular side dishes, try substituting soy or almond milk for cow’s milk. You can use olive oil or non-hydrogenated margarine in place of butter and veggie or mushroom broth to replace chicken or beef stock. This works with all sorts of dishes from mashed potatoes and stuffings to casseroles.

Planet Green has a tasty vegan stuffing recipe. You’ll never miss the meat!

My favorite Thanksgiving side was always green bean casserole, and even that’s just as tasty without the dairy. Fat Free Vegan has a really delicious vegan green bean casserole that’s even better than the sort made with canned cream of mushroom soup.


You don’t need eggs and milk to make a tasty spread of vegan desserts! You can serve up chewy pumpkin oatmeal cookies, a tasty fruit salad topped with a splash of orange liqueur, or a vegan pumpkin pie.

If you want to take your cruelty-free Thanksgiving to the next level, you can look into supporting turkey rescues, like the Farm Sanctuary Adopt-a-Turkey Project.

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Great ideas!Thanks.

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thank you

Dale Overall

While many vegan recipes are fabulous, tasty and definitely don't fit the stereotypical boring label, it is the smug and lecturing tone of some vegans that gets my goat...honestly, telling me that meat is the food of fear, torture and what not...or poultry...especially when one dines on organically raised birds/meat...organically raised animals live for the most part lives where things are fine and yes, while there is objection to meat the world simply is not going to all follow the vegan lifestyle...Sarah A thinks we are uneducated...if only we did it "My Way!"

Love Erica B's comment. While some issue the siren call of "Go Vegan!" and others insult omnivores telling us that we should suffer the same pain/death of animals we eat (so much for the vegan belief that they are so peaceful...but only if one follows the vegan path...) Active M liberally sprinkles on the insults and Yvette T goes on about how can people eat carcasses?...the same way we eat the carcasses of carrots and beets that were once organic and living too. Yes, no nerve endings but empathy shouldn't be reserved only for life resembling our own...til we can survive by eating rock pate, we all feed on the organic.

Dale Overall

Am glad to see that the alternative of using an organically raised turkey was mentioned as an alternative to factory farm sources without the editorializing of No Meat/No Poultry Ever, Ever, Ever! (slapping of wrists here). Anne D thinks that turkey tasted 'bloody.' Good grief, was it under done or what? How could she hate you if she included hot fresh rolls and noms! mince pie? (Mince meat is made of fruit although some included meat) unless you meant minced meat.


Am presently watching "A Vegan Nightmare" on TV (aka Bizarre Foods With Brian Zimmern), some vegans actually had a petition on Care2 in a Nanny State move to ban the show...eating odd creepy crawlies...no doubt previously trying to ban rotten ronnie's (McDonald's Fast 'Foods') and who knows about Fear Factor where hapless, defenceless and misunderstood cockroaches and 5 pounds of lard were eating fare...

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With all that is going on around us, I will be giving thanks because no innocent animal suffered and died for my table. Friends and I are making vegan pizza. 27th vegan thanksgiving for me. Welcome to all first-timers and love to all others on this path.