Hawaiian Hospital Goes Solar

A hospital on the island of Molokai has had a 105 kilowatt photovoltaic system installed on its roof. The new system will generate about 25 percent of the hospital’s electricity. There are 315 solar panels in the system, which were made by SunPower Corporation in California.

“We are very excited to embrace green technologies and save money in the process,” said Randy Lite, Vice President of the Molokai General Hospital. (Source: Marketwatch.com)

Molokai General Hospital agreed to purchase the power from Solar Power Partners, a California based company. These companies generally foot the bill for the installation, and then charge a company for the solar generated electricity at a rate lower than typical utility companies charge.

About fifteen percent of all the electricity consumed in the same area of Molokai is from alternative sources. The Kaunakakai area is one of the best places on the island for solar. It has a rating of 500 calories per square centimeter, or over five peak sun hours per day. A rating of 500 is actually one of the highest for all the islands.

Alex Tiller, from Sunetric said, “In a place like Death Valley, you get more consistent solar output with less cloud cover. But our Leeward Coast is on par with any of those areas. In areas like the Windward side, it will be less.” (Source: Staradviser.com)

State income tax credits are available for solar power systems in Hawaii. They are available for 35 percent of the installed cost of solar water heating systems.

Installations of solar power systems there are on pace to break the record for yearly solar additions. That record set just last year when 7,300 kilowatts were added. Only 167 kilowatts of solar panels were installed in 2005. Hawaii has some of the highest electricity prices in the country.

Molokai General is the only hospital on the island of Molokai, which has 7,000 residents. It also serves many tourists who visit year round. They also have the only emergency services on the island. Last year there were nearly 5,000 visitors.

Image Credit: Provision Solar

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