Healing The Water

By the Care2 Staff.

All the elements—earth, water, fire, and air— have a life-taking as well as a life-giving aspect. Yin Yang, dark and light. We have come to see the vivid contrast of two sides of water from the tsunamis.

The water element is in a terrible, unbalanced aspect in Asia as it has killed staggering numbers of people by drowning, and it is killing survivors as a carrier of disease. It is upon us to tip water more to its life-giving aspect, to bring more light to the dark. It is vital that the world’s water be vibrant and clean because without it we will die.

Natural disasters almost always require purifying water. It is good to know how to do this. Here are three different approaches to water purification:

Three Ways to Clear Water
1. According to the rules of deep ecology.
2. Disaster preparedness including how-to tips.
3. A technique for the spiritual cleansing of water.

Storing Water By the Ways of Deep Ecology
According to “Hidden Nature, The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger,” Schauberger discovered that “Because it is a living organism, water needs to be in constant movement to maintain health. The only container that allows for this is the egg-shape.” Ancient egg-shaped vessels called “amphorae,” uncovered in archaeological digs, are the perfect solution.

By Techniques Learned for Disaster Preparedness.
When an emergency occurs, water might be held (and found)in bulk tanks, indoor pools, bathtubs, cisterns, hot-water tanks, toilet reservoirs, in canned or fresh fruit juices, and in fruits and vegetables themselves. Water reserves to be stored for later use are traditionally collected by three primary methods, such as in a cistern.

Emergency Water Supplies.

By the Spiritual Ways
That water bears the imprint of its surroundings is understood and accepted.

That water bears the imprint of its spiritual surroundings—commonly known as Chi—and that this imprinting phenomenon is increasingly being documented, is one of the biggest developments for transforming our understanding of water and healing the environment. Masaru Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine in Japan, has published two books full of photos of water that show its hado (Emoto’s term for Chi). He has done this by freezing water and photographing the water crystals.

The earliest photos of water crystals in the books show pure water and polluted water, and these photos alone are enough to change your view of pollution forever. The pure, clean water crystallizes into stunning crystals of mesmerizing beauty. The polluted water is dark and cancerous looking, and the water isn’t able to crystallize, but stays looking like an oozing sore. Who would ever want to drink that?

But the truly awesome, mind-changing photos are of water crystals from water that has been imbued with music, and then the crystals of water that have been imbued with love, gratitude, and even hate. Lastly, you can see polluted, cancerous water transformed to beautiful crystals by love and music.

Masaru Emoto believes that our prayers are critical now to healing the water in Asia.


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