Healing the World with Good Vibration

It was desperation that propelled me to explore healing with vibration. This was 1997. I hadn’t been able to sit at my desk and write for a few months. I had just finished 18 months of antibiotics for Lyme’s and other tick borne diseases, when the doctor suggested I go on Quinine. Quite frankly I thought I would die if I had to take one more drug, having a serious and chronic illness from pesticide poisoning as well.

Feeling half dead and with little to lose, I went to an unconventional practitioner who had successfully treated another Lyme’s Disease case. She used a computer software program (similar to the Biomeridian ) to “read” the exact vibration of the tick borne diseases I carried, and then developed a remedy for me that was calibrated exactly to my body. I took the remedy and within 24 hours I was at my desk able to concentrate and with much of my exhaustion lifted. I was well within weeks.

Well enough to return to some exercise, I took a yoga class and was intrigued when every time I entered a certain pose I felt grief well up in me for my father, who had died 10 years before. I was surprised that I had stored the grief, but even more that it was released from one particular part of my body. My grief was vibrational energy, stuck in my body!

I guess this is a story of how one thing led to another. Next I found myself researching “energy,” “chi,” and as a result became a Reiki Master and received my masters in One Light Healing Touch. I became certified in sound healing, a modality that certainly makes the vibrational aspect of “energy” healing more obvious, but I’d group all of these healing modalities as vibrational. Besides, I have continued to solve health issues by visiting practitioners who use computer software like the one I mention above.

Increasingly passionate in my personal life about “energy” work in various modalities, it didn’t take long (given my professional career as a green living expert) until I began to gravitate to healers who included healing the Earth in their practices.

I have since seen over and over again how vibration/energy jump starts healing. It wasn’t a stretch at all for me to imagine just the right sound providing healing to the Earth. I’d already heard how when computers send an exact sound into forests that are dying from acid rain that the forests recover in almost the same exact way as how I recovered from Lyme’s Disease when remedies were exactly calibrated for me.

It seems to me that if we have enough people sounding the same (and right) sound throughout the world at the same time, our combined sound would act like an acupuncture needle on the living system that is the Earth, providing healing. Hence the Global Sound Healing event on Sept. 21, on the International Day of Peace. Learn more, join in and see how we can track if the healing worked!


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Very enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

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There's a lot in and to be said about sound vibrations. . . how they affect our moods and emotions . . .

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Everyday people should meditate. & on earth day we should all just meditate all day & create a major healing crisis for beautiful earth.

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