Healthy Sex Later in Life Could Mean Better Brain Function

Healthy aging is a booming market, for both superficial and bona fide wellness reasons. Especially in Western countries, it seems there are products aplenty to try and slow down our biological clocks. The truth is, however, that all the wrinkle serums, hair dyes, and other appearance-altering techniques in the world wonít do anything to address declining cognitive functioning associated with aging. So what will? According to new research, having a healthy and happy sex life as we age could be just the trick.

A study conducted by researchers at Coventry University in Britain surveyed over 6,800 both male and female participants over the age of 50, noting their sexual activity and administering number sequencing and word recall tests. Data was also used from the English Longitudinal Study of Aging.

Male participants showed a positive correlation between their performance on both cognitive tasks and how often they engaged in sexual activity. Femalesí data came out similarly, but only a correlation between sex and word recall was noted. The researchers suspect there may be something about differing hormonal effects between men and women to account for the dissimilar results and note that further scientific investigation will be useful.

One thing to take from the results is that there is something great going on for adults over 50 who engage in a fulfilling sex life. Number sequencing is related to executive functioning in the brain and word recall has to do with memory – both very important functions to be able to maintain later in life. But just how much sex do people have as they get older?

Another British study conducted last year found that over half of men and almost a third of women over the age of 70 were still enjoying time between the sheets. At least a third of those said they were still having frequent sex, or sex at least two times a month. Not only are there cognitive benefits from having a fulfilling sex life, there are tons of other physical effects that improve your health, as well as improved intimacy and bonding with partners. So, remember that no age is too old to get busy taking care of your health and to just plain get busy!


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