Healthy Vending Machines Finally Arrive

We’ve all done it. Hunger strikes and we search in desperation for food, only to find our best option is something out of a vending machine. For residents of Chicago, what they get out of that vending machine may be better, and better for them, than what most of us can hope to eat atrestaurant.

The Farmer’s Fridge Automated Kiosk is the brainchild of entrepreneur Luke Saunders. With a background in the manufacturing industry, he decided it was time to pair vended and healthy food. “I’ve always been passionate about being healthy and healthy eating,” he said. “I wanted to know how to get the healthiest food out there. Make healthy food more available.”

Farmer’s Fridges mostly operate likestandard vending machine. There arefew notable exceptions, like the exteriors being made from recycled wood and the leftovers from each day being donated. This is done because everything in the kiosks is made fresh and delivered to the machines by 10 a.m. each day.

Featured in the kiosks arevariety of salads made with fresh ingredients. Diners may then choose to addprotein; chicken, tofu, tuner salmon; and/orsnack like veggies and hummus or apples and almond butter. The kiosks also offervariety of drinks, ranging from coconut water to soda with natural sweeteners.

“Everything in the kiosk tastes good,” Saunders said. “And everything is vegetarian, except for the cheater salad [that salad contains eggs and turkey bacon].” Saunders compares using the Farmer’s Fridge kiosk to purchasing items at an online store. You can scroll the touchscreen to see what is available and can add to the basic menu items as you go.

All the food comes in reusable jars that not only can be put to use after your meal, but makegood containers to eat out of. “Everyone’s been really talking about the jars,” Saunders said. In addition to a unique receptacle, the food out of the kiosks has full nutrition information available. This means you can know exactly what you’re eating, when you eat it.

Though currently only available in Chicago, Saunders said he wants toeventually expand Farmer’s Fridge to other areas. “Our first question was, ‘Is it going to work?’.” Saunders added that people seem to be responding well to the kiosks, and many come back every day to try something new.

Farmer’s Fridge is certainly helping Saunders’ goal of making healthy food more available to people. The idea of getting fresh, farm-quality food out ofvending machine may seemlittle far-fetched, but it could be the beginning oftaking down the processed junk currently being sold out of automated boxes.


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Image Credit: by Nomadic Lass from Flickr


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