Heart-Based Living

Each day, I try to live by the principles of Heart-Based Living. Here is a saying that I have on my bulletin board in my office that helps me remember what is important to me in life and how I would like to live each day.

“When all of our intentions and actions in daily life originate from the intuitive wisdom of our hearts; when we feel and act with sincere appreciation, caring and kindness for others; and when we can observe the world around us without the preset judgments of the mind but rather with the compassion in our heart – then we will truly be living from the heart.”

What is Heart-Based Living?

Heart-Based Living entails so much, and yet, it is so simple that it comes naturally to small children, who live their lives this way until the stresses of the world begin to weigh upon them. Anyone with sincere intention can learn the art of Heart-Based Living with daily practice.

There is perhaps no more appropriate way to understand the meaning of Heart-Based Living than through the words of the individual who has devoted most of his adult life to defining it: HeartMath founder Doc Childre.

A couple making an image of a heart at sunset on the beach

“Heart-Based Living refers to all intentions and actions that express qualities of the heart in daily life,” Doc writes on the Heart-Based Living website. “These heart qualities can include things like appreciating or caring for others, expressing kindness to those around you, and giving back by volunteering to work with others to relieve suffering in humans or animals and to help the planet.”

Many of us would like to express heart qualities more often in our day-to-day lives. Learning to connect with and live from the heart during the busy-ness of life takes practice, but it is a practice that gives back to us tremendously as we do it.

Doc discusses how practicing Heart-Based Living will increase your capacity, even in chaotic times, to manage your emotional energy and greatly reduce your stress deficit. One of the most important and empowering aspects of practicing Heart-Based Living is learning to discern your heart intuition from your mind’s ambitions and to follow your heart. The energy saved by following your heart’s discernment reduces your personal stress and enhances your creative problem-solving capabilities.

Institute of HeartMath researches and teaches people how to live life from the heart and to use the qualities of the heart – gratitude, compassion, love and caring, among others – to improve mental, emotional and physical health and well-being.

Heart-based living empowers co-creation with others for the benefit of all. In the planetary shift going on, more people living from the heart can create rapid, positive global change.

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I have lived my life that way to a large degree and it's caused frustration for more practical family and friends. One has to choose carefully when making important decisions sometimes because even when coming from a good place, the mind is sometimes right, and one's heart can still be fickle.

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