Heart Questions

There is no such thing as an insignificant act of love. But how easily can you give from the heart? Here are some questions that will help you discover how willing you are to open yourself to others. Read the questions, and a beautiful heart-chakra prayer, here.

As the Giver:

1. To what type of person or situation does your heart chakra connect?

2. When have you acted on heart-chakra impulses? Were you pleased or disappointed with the outcome?

3. What scares you most about opening to your heart-chakra intuition?

4. Are you aware when you close your heart to someone? What motivates that response?

5. What are the parameters that your heart has set to limit what you will allow yourself to give?

As the Receiver:

1. Are you presently in need of emotional support?

2. Is it difficult for you to receive love and support from others?

3. Are you in need of forgiveness or do you need to forgive another?

A Heart-Chakra Prayer

I open my heart to receive love. I may not feel this love enter immediately, but I shall live in trust that love begins to flow into me the moment I request it and that this flow is endless. I turn my attention to my heart intuition and I open myself to receiving one clear insight. I bless those who surround me and support me and those whose support I benefit from whom I shall never meet in this lifetime.

Adapted from Invisible Acts of Power, by Caroline Myss (Free Press, 2004).


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