Help Homeless Animals: Adopt the Internet Day

By Lisa Spector, Canine Music Expert, Juilliard Graduate, and co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear.

I often hear from people who volunteer and work endlessly to help homeless animals. Their stories often arrive in my inbox, and I always wish I could do more. When I was between dogs, I volunteered to walk the dogs at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. Later, when I adopted a dog and provided a forever home for him, I volunteered in the education department, going to schools with my dog and educating students in how to appropriately greet dogs along with the benefits of spaying and neutering. These days, I donate music to shelters and rescue organizations. (Click here to receive your free download from our latest release, Music to Calm your Canine Companion, Vol. 3. Simply enter your email address and a link to the free download will be delivered to your inbox.) The clinically tested music calms the dogs, creates a much quieter atmosphere so visitors are encouraged to stay longer, and it consequently increases adoption rates. And still, I wish I could do more.

I was thrilled to learn on that I can. Petfinder is the virtual home of 321,268 adoptable pets from 13,427 adoption groups. While I am not in a position to adopt another pet, on March 15 I can Adopt the Internet, and so can you. Petfinder is having a party and celebrating the adoption of 17 million pets in their 15 years of service. Here’s how you can join the party…
  • On March 15, write about or share a pet from Petfinder’s gallery or any other adoptable pet on Petfinder. With over 320,000 pets on Petfinder waiting for their forever homes, Care2 is a large enough community with a big enough heart, that we alone could help find homes for every one of them.
  • Donate your Facebook status and photo to an adoptable Petfinder pet on March 15.
  • On March 15, Tweet an adoptable pet with the hashtag #adopttheinternet.
  • Add a badge to your blog or Web site to show your support. (Get a badge here.)
  • Take a pledge that, on March 15, you will tell one person about pet adoption.
  • Write a caption for an adoptable-pet photo on ICanHasCheezburger. The photos with the best captions will be featured on the homepage on March 15.
  • Share a heart-warming story in a comment below about a homeless pet that you helped place in a forever home, either yours are someone you know.


Ann W.
Ann W5 years ago

I'm not that well connected, but I'd love to hose a critter for a day! GREAT IDEA>

Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

Don't buy love, adopt it!

Urimare Alvarez Lazaro

Adopté a mi gata cartuja KYRA (que significa "delicada" en persa y griego) con 3 meses el 13 de junio de 2010... Después adopté a mi gato KAMI ( que significa "Espíritu" en japonés) con 3 meses el 16 de octubre de 2010. Desde el principio se llevaron de maravilla.
Y el 14 julio de este año cuando venía de hacer la compra en el supermercado me encontré, maullando como loco, un gatito de 400 gramos y le recogí. Se llama YOSHI (en japonés significa "Buen hijo") y ya pesa casi 4 kilos.
Como vivo sola me hacen muchísima compañía y los tengo como si fueran mis "hijos"...
Un saludo desde Madrid (Spain)...

Ruth S.
Ruth C6 years ago

Always adopt an animal, you will never be sorry!

Anna K.
Anna K.6 years ago

I'm hoping to adopt a cat soon!

Carmen Harris
Carmen Harris6 years ago

Thanks for the article! Will try and help out! : )

Posing AsMe
Posing Asme6 years ago

Don't forget to support the ASPCA or your local shelter for FREE at So far, the ASPCA has raised over $39,000 using Goodsearch!
I also love free spay/neuter and TNR programs. I used to be very active in a transport that would take pets from the southeast to the northeast, because areas like New York, etc., were very good about spaying and neutering their pets, so they needed adoptable animals, and unfortunately areas like Georgia were very poor at it, so there were too many being euthanized. Imagine how wonderful it would be if it were not quite so easy to find a homeless animal!

Berenice Guedes d.

All my cats were adopted. I refuse to buy a puppy when there are so many animals in streets and in shelters.

Ziva M.
Ziva Mursic6 years ago


Alessandra C.

Sorry I received the messaage too late.