Help Prevent Cancer 10 Ways

With cancer rates rising alarmingly, it is good to know that keys to the prevention of many cancers are in our own hands. Find out ten ways to take charge of your health and help to prevent cancer, starting today.

* Limit your exposure to toxic chemicals wherever possible, starting at home. Current research suggests that common chemicals are linked to breast cancer. You can minimize your risk by switching to all-natural cleaning and personal care products today. Care2′s Green Living pages are filled with thousands of inexpensive and effective formulas to use instead.

* Get 10 minutes of unprotected sunlight every day. Evidently, Vitamin D plays an important role in cancer prevention and many of us are woefully deficient. Read more about the role of vitamin D in cancer prevention.

* Stop smoking and avoid second-hand smoke.

* Keep your consumption of alcoholic beverages down to 2 drinks a day if you’re a man, 1 if you’re a woman.

* Exercise. Even as little as a 10-minute walk every day will benefit your health.

* Manage your stress, relax, and practice self-love. Simple meditations, yoga, or a daily walk can all help keep stress levels low, and allowing yourself to be simply and gloriously human will help, too. For ideas, see Care2′s Spirituality pages.

* Eat colorfully. Bright colors in fruits and vegetables signals the presence of health-promoting phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory properties. See The Seven Food Colors of Health. And check out this list of healing herbs and spices you can add to your food. And be sure to get lots of fiber, from whole grains and beans as well as those great fruits and veggies.

* Eat organically if at all possible. Here is a list of the ten most important foods to eat organically.

* Drink tea. Some studies suggest that even one cup of black or green tea per day reduces risks of certain cancers.

* Avoid foods processed with sodium nitrate and nitrite, foods that have been grilled for long periods of time, and salt-cured foods.

* Know your fats. Avoid foods high in trans fats or polyunsaturated fats and choose healthy fats instead, like nut butters, avocados, and olive oil.

By the Care2 staff.


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Prevent cancer number one: Stop eating animals and animal secretions! You may say you love animals only after you stop eating them.

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Read the label on sunscreen. Perhaps it is better to wear a lng-sleeved cotton shirt when necessary to be in the brightest sun of the day. Some souces say avoid the sun from 11-3.

It is healthy to be outdoors, moving around (rather than sitting indoors).