Here’s How to Get Yourself to Workout When Netflix Is Slowing You Down

One of the greatest battles in working out is actually getting yourself to the gym. Who wants to brave the wind, rain, ice or oppressive heat to go exercise on a treadmill?

In that case, perhaps doing an at-home workout is the solution? No travel, no problem; right?

Hold it right there. There is a powerful force that lurks in your home, waiting to thwart even the most earnest of workouts. Itís called Netflix. [cue ominous thunder clash in the distance]

As much as we all love Netflix, there is nothing that saps the modern Americanís productivity more. When in the past we were forced to be productive out of a lack of distractions, Netflix now provides endless distractions, and thatís getting in the way of our lives, namely our workouts.

So what can you do? Take preventative action:

Ask yourself, “Why am†I†exercising?” Okay, itís something you have to do. But why? No one is making you exercise, so why do you do it? Do you like the way it makes you feel? Do you like the way it makes you look? Does it help you to unload stress? Are you trying to drop some weight? Reminding yourself why you actually workout could make it easier to get moving. If you keep saying, ďI should work out,Ē figure out why, because ďshouldĒ isnít very convincing. What is your fitness motivation?

Disconnect from Wi-Fi. I donít care if you want to just check the news. The internet is a labyrinthal mire that always leads to cat videos. Be proactive and shut it off. Of course, if you need your computer to do online workout videos, youíre on your own.

Dig†into audiobooks. If you’re glued to your computer screen for hours each day, maybe itís time to take a break from Netflix and the internet. Maybe you’re too theoretically busy to actually sit down and read a book, but why not listen to one? The beauty of audiobooks is you can become immersed in them without losing touch with reality. You can actually move about, use your eyes and be productive. If youíve got a hankering for some Netflix or Youtube distractions, an audiobook is a more wholesome choice for your mental diet. Just be sure to go organic whenever possible.

Keep a yoga mat unrolled. Whether you do yoga or not, if you have a space that is always prepared for your fitness routine, youíre more likely to roll out of bed into a down dog. Make your fitness corner a tidy, simple and welcoming oasis. Consider putting a couple of beeswax tea lights around and a green plant for your cool down/meditation practice. No matter how tiny, create a stable fitness sanctuary for yourself.

Commit to 20 minutes. If you donít feel like doing your regular 45 to 90 minute slog, promise yourself to do something good for your physical health for a mere 20 minutes. That’s it. That’s shorter than a commercial-free rerun†of Seinfeld.†Unglue your eyes from the screen and take time to center and meditate, do gentle yoga or try some strength training. Even if youíre done after 20 minutes, youíll feel so much better for having moved your body a little.

Enjoy what you do. If you donít enjoy your workout, Netflix will probably win out more often than youíd like. Maybe you’re better off running outside, or going to a rock gym, or joining a yoga studio, or hopping on a†stationary bike. Or maybe you should take up a sport, which adds the competitive element. It takes a very specific type of person to have the diligence to do home workouts regularly. If you find yourself watching Netflix more often than you work out, consider trying a new form of stimulating exercise.

Together, we can defeat this data-sucking demon and learn to move our bodies again! Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is awesome. But we need to make sure we prioritize our physical bodies over our addiction to video entertainment.

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