Here’s the Strange Secret to Having a Smarter Baby

Maybe that morning sickness is actually a good thing …

It may not be the prettiest part of pregnancy, but all that rushing to the closest trash can to throw up, thanks to the good ol’ morning sickness, is actually good for your baby. Yes! Nausea and vomiting means fewer miscarriages and birth defects, along with smarter kids. Taking this knowledge and combining it with the fact that Kate Middleton was so sick, suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy, leads us to believe that Prince George is a perfect little genius. And, of course, everyone wants a perfect genius baby.

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The studies conducted over a 20-year span by the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto observed 850,000 pregnant women in five different countries to see if the most common pregnancy side effect (85 percent of women suffer from it) serves a purpose or has any effect on the child. Although it’s not definite, the thinking is that the nausea is caused by hormones released from the placenta, most specifically gonadotropin, which kicks into overdrive when a woman is preggers.

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It was found that moms who just couldn’t stop puking up their meals had healthier babies, both in weight and length, and their risk for premature births decreased, too. Mothers who didnít suffer from morning sickness had a 9.5 percent rate of having a premature birth compared to 6.4 percent of those mothers who did spend some of their pregnancy being sick to their stomachs. Miscarriages were found to be three times higher in mothers who had a smooth-sailing pregnancy, compared to those who suffered from the dreaded, daily upchuck factor.

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Later on, when the children of the women were old enough to take I.Q. tests and really prove to the world how great the results of morning sickness can be, the kiddos whose moms really struggled to keep things down, had a higher I.Q., a greater grasp of language, and were just better behaved all around.

article by Amanda Chatel, from YourTango

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Thanks for sharing.

Michele B.
Michele B3 years ago

I REALLY think they might have something here!! I was 43 when I got pregnant after 7 drs. told us we had a better chance of winning a multimillion $$ lottery and getting stuck by lightning on the same day as opposed to getting pregnant. Well, they were WRONG!! And let me tell you, I was sicker than I ever hope to be ever again. I literally LIVED on Mylanta. I went through a bottle a day...sometimes it help, other days not so much so. EVERYTHING made me sick. The smell of dish, laundry and ALL shower soaps. Shampoos, toothpaste, even the smell of toast and boiling rice. And don't even get me started on canned cat and dog foods. The worst thing was...microwave popcorn and the smell of a hit skunk. And guess where we live??!! Well, by the time our son was born, I actually weighed 27# less than before I was pregnant!! We had a few snafoos with his delivery...he was a month early, he was breach and backwards and I coded on the table. But today...Tanner's a 12 y/o boy who is extremely active in basketball, football and soccer and band where he plays the saxaphone. In fact his soccer team was best in our city for the last 2 years. He has had all A's and A 's for the last 4 years and was the only fifth grader last year to get an A in band the whole year through. So these studies might have some foundation to them after all.

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Really interesting, thanks!

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Forwarded to everyone who can use it and should be interested, Thanks for posting

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This is always good news is hear about a study and the facts that came from it. My feeling has always been. How well the parents teach their baby in its early years. Parents that read to their child at a young age and knows how to read by the time the child is 4 years old will not have problems learning for the rest of their lives. How will your child turns out is always traced back to early years of such child.

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